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What needs to happen after the attack on the Router? – tagesschau.de

product liability, for “Chinese cheap art”, seal of approval – after the spectacular attack on almost a Million Router discusses the policy consequences. Further attacks threatened. And not always so amateurish will be like in this Time.

After the massive hack attack on the Router of Deutsche Telekom, with nearly a Million Concerned politicians are calling for consequences. The SPD demanded a liability for companies, so that this known security vulnerabilities. “I think we also need to introduce in IT products, a product liability, the economy will be stronger in the duty to take,” said SPD parliamentary leader Thomas Oppermann. This applies particularly, if a Router was for its vulnerability to be known. The network policy group spokesman Lars Klingbeil said the news Agency Reuters, with a product liability had to be achieved, that the economy take on more responsibility and the pressure will increase to close security gaps.

interior Minister Thomas de maizière (CDU) announced discussions on whether the applicable liability rules clearer would have to be taken, but did not provide any Details.

The network policy spokesman of the Unionfraktionssprecer Thomas Jarzombek told Reuters, “Chinese cheap art" had to get out of the telecommunications. In Germany excellent Router would built, to use the Telekom only This also applies to other components in the network: “We are currently experiencing a loss of control and must be stopped.” He pleaded for a right of return for specific IT products, which could be ten years. The manufacturer knows how long he products, for example, new Software needs to maintain.

BSI wants to seal of approval

The BSI called for tougher security standards in the Internet of things. “The more networked the world is, and the more General mass-market products such as routers are used around the world identical in the network, the more vulnerable our power infrastructure,” said BSI President Arne Schönbohm of the “world”. He also pleaded for the safety seal of approval, especially for a DSL Router of Asian providers, such as Arcadyan – the company is considered the manufacturer of the “Speedport”Router. With a commitment from the manufacturer, quickly and regularly, and firmware updates can improve security.

Schönbohm said, he assume that it was in the attack to organized crime. There is much to indicate that it was attacks of the so-called Mirai network, he said the Newspapers of the Funke media group. The network has been compiled from a large number of manipulated devices – for example, poorly secured routers, Webcams, and digital video recorders.

Bumbling attack

stands behind yesterday’s attacks, is unknown. Many experts believe that such attacks in General, is impossible to trace with absolute certainty a trail that leads clearly to the attacker. It seems clear, however, that the attack has been done by the bungling of the attacker even more damage. The malicious software would have been programmed better, it would have been the consequences of the attack much worse, said a Telekom spokesperson in .

In the current case, had passed a rule, a reboot of the Router to make it operational again.

With Mirai related

After the first analysis is related to the injected malicious code with the well-known Botnet Code of Mirai, said the IT security company Kaspersky Lab. Goal was probably to connect the Router with a botnet, Online Criminals are usually for their own purposes, such as extortion, sending Spam or targeted attacks on other computers.

said Stefan Ortloff of Kaspersky, has received the malicious code through a security hole in the Router. But, the Software seemed not to have been able to write itself in the file system. Therefore, they have not survived a reboot. Otherwise, the attack would have remained completely unnoticed, said Ammar Alkasar, IT security expert at Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity. Usually such botnets would be constructed and then put to sleep. After a while, they would be used, depending on the Intention of political or simply criminal purposes.

The malicious software Mirai’s security experts are already known. Their specialty is to infiltrate, preferably in consumer devices such as routers or other private use of networked electronics to hijack and make it the part of a remote-controlled network. Last Criminal Mirai had offered to botnets with almost half a Million of connected devices in the network to the rent, like last week, the specialist portal “heise online” reported.

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