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Up to 102 Euro difference: Childless women get more pension than mothers – in FOCUS-the

Up to 102 Euro difference: Childless women get more pension than mothers

Wednesday, 23.11.2016, 15:21

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Financial security is life after working for many German citizens is an important issue. However, the Pensions from falling depending on the Status different. This is particularly true for women, whose pension depends on whether you have children or not.

women with no Children get a newspaper report that an average of up to 102 euros more age pension than mothers. The regular pension of mothers decreases with each additional child, writes the newspaper “Bild”citing the statistics of the German pension insurance.

mothers with four children will receive at least

Thus, the old-age pension is increasing from five and more children – due to the high number of Children increases. Childless women, according to the average of currently 684 euros net old-age pension.

In the case of mothers with a child whether it is 671 Euro, in the case of two children 618 Euro. Mothers with three children would get even just 583 euros net, with four children, the pension is declining again slightly to 582 Euro. Women with five and more children receive an average of 633 euros.

DGB-Report – pension-level 43% to use As little pension you will receive in 2030

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