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The group apologizes Daimler-Top Manager Chinese as “bastards … -

outrage in China - Daimler-Manager of China's inhabitants is supposed to have offended as a "bastards" (icon image)


outrage in China – a Daimler Manager to have offended China’s residents as “bastards” (icon image)

The auto giant Daimler has released a German Top Manager in Beijing of his duties, because he is said to have offended the Chinese. Such behavior reflect in any way the values of Daimler, the company said on Monday in a statement. The senior employees in the truck division in China is said to have insulted during a dispute in a Parking lot to the Locals as “bastards” and the subsequent dispute with the witnesses of pepper spray.

The statements of the Manager were made by Chinese media and social networks open to the public. The incident was “prejudicial to the Reputation of our company and inappropriate for a Manager of our brand,” the statement said. The dispute had now been amicably settled, the dispute was a “purely private matter” of the Manager. The company had already apologised for the behaviour of the employee and consequences announced.

were published and By whom the statements of the Manager, was not known. In social networks many users attacked the Manager, several times connected with personal threats, as well as the publication of Name, address and license plate number. He should apologize for it officially, it was said, among other things, on Weibo. Other users commented that this behavior will throw no good light on Germany and foreigners in China. According to “People’s Daily” it should be Rainer Gärtner, according to Reuters. He is head of Daimler’s business in China, with Trucks and buses.

comments: incident throws no good light on Germany

According to “People’s Daily” gardener said in the case of a dispute in a Parking lot in Beijing’s Northern Shunyi district, he was only a year in China, “the first thing I learned here is: All Chinese are bastards.” Passers-by who defended the gardener counterparty, have it sprayed with pepper spray.

In September last had caused a Board of management of Deutsche Bahn with a freak out in the headlines: Because he was drunk a taxi driver was beaten and his car was demolished, condemned a court in Singapore at the time, Jochen Thewes, CEO of the logistics subsidiary DB Schenker, to two weeks in prison.

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