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Pilots strike – break- today

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On Sunday, the operation at the Lufthansa run largely as normal.

The flight operations at Lufthansa is expected to normalize after four days of pilot strike today, to a large extent. Occasional flights would be out of work again, the company said on Saturday. Those who have booked a flight, you should inform as a precautionary measure, the Homepage of the company. If on Monday there is a strike, is still unclear. The Union Vereinigung Cockpit (VC) stressed, it is the commitment to further actions as in the past, a minimum of 24 hours should be announced in advance.

On Saturday were due to the strike action 137 long-haul flights, including 88 Intercontinental Connections. Take-offs and landings at the airports in Hannover and Hamburg were not affected by the special flight plan, according to.

a New offer from Lufthansa

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The NDR Text on the Internet: Here you will find information about departure and arrival times at the airports in the North of Germany. more

The VC had rejected on Friday the recent tariff offer of Lufthansa. This was to increase compensation by 4.4 percent, associated with a one-off payment of 1.8 monthly salaries and new hires. From the point of view of the pilots, the offer is inadequate and, furthermore, already the subject of discussions. “This is old wine in new bottles,” said a VC spokesman. The positions are far apart: the Cockpit requires, retroactively, as of may 2012 each year, around 3.7 per cent more content. Through the long period of five years, the claim has totalled almost 20 per cent.

2.755 flights of fancy

Since Wednesday, Lufthansa had to cancel nationwide a total of 2.755 flights. 345,000 customers could not, therefore, stand out. On the Saturday of 2,863 3,000 scheduled flights. The budget airlines, Eurowings and Germanwings, as well as the group companies, AUA, Swiss, Brussels, Air Dolomiti were not re-strike.

Free repost

The Airline is the strike affected customers the option of free-of-charge to reschedule flights or cancel. Passengers on domestic German routes the railway could take.

Each day of the strike will cost tens of millions of Euro

For Lufthansa, the strike wave of the pilots, meanwhile, is more and more to be a Disaster. Each day of the strike will cost the company Lufthansa is that around ten million euros. It focuses solely on the collective salaries of about 5,400 pilots of Lufthansa, Lufthansa Cargo and subsidiary Germanwings.

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In a wage dispute with the airlines completed the Eurowings-strikes. Now Lufthansa pilots go on strike – over 800 flights are affected. more

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