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Deutsche Telekom: So the anger of the Telekom discharges-customers – Handelsblatt

Telecom mobile: “No connection under this number” – thousands still without power

DüsseldorfIn many Parts of Germany also on Monday morning, violent disturbances of the network of Deutsche Telekom. Numerous complaints in social networks and forums indicate that the Problem occurs in many Parts of the country. On Monday morning, the company announced that nationwide, approximately 900,000 so-called routers are affected. The devices are used to dial in to the network of Telekom and thus allow for telephony, Internet and also the Online TV channels. The network is working “smoothly”. It could not be ruled out”, that is, on Router a targeted influence from the outside has been taken” and that this may not be possible to log on to this on the net.

early in The Morning, had been fed a new Software in the network to fix the error. Again, the company advised affected customers to disconnect the Router from the mains and then back on. The fault relates to the entire Federal territory, but only on certain Router types. Currently,<'m going to investigate what they were exactly./p>

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While the German Telekom uses the fast Internet to a transitional technology to help customers connect quickly, challenge competitors more fiber and clear political targets. more…

On the Service side of the Telecom Facebook, the anger of many customers to discharge. With an indication of the zip code you report faults, and also complain that of the Telecom recommended step to resolve the problem helps only in the short term: The separation and re-connect the router to the Internet.

“pull the router plug always helps – for three minutes, then the telephony light is off and neither the Internet, TV or telephone functioning,” says a user. Many customers already call for credits. In part, the fault had occurred since Saturday afternoon. “Because of the error image is not excluded that on Router a targeted influence from the outside was taken, with the result that they can no longer log in to the network.’ I think this is a joke… is that supposed to be from the outside on all these routers influence? Checked but your config.", says a user in response to the Telecom piece of advice, turn off the Router short.

facts about the Telekom

  • The Deutsche Telekom with an annual turnover of over 60 billion Euro is one of the largest European telecommunication companies. The group employs about 220,000 employees. The largest subsidiary with more than 22 billion euros in sales, Telekom Deutschland. In addition, Deutsche Telekom is represented in 12 other countries.

  • the group of the German Federal post office is gone. The state-owned enterprises to make them more competitive, it was in 1990, in the areas of business Telecom, postal service, and Postbank to split, and gradually privatised. Since 1995, the German Telecom is a joint-stock company.

  • The first Chairman of the Board Ron Sommer tried to the former state enterprise with acquisitions all over the world to make a “Global Player”. Today, the German Telecom is represented in 50 countries and saved more than half of their turnover abroad.

  • T-Mobile US had a hard time against the market leaders AT&T and Verizon for a long time. Since the merger with the competitor MetroPCS and under the leadership of CEO John Legere, is the clients have grown in number significantly, and sales as well. However, the high investments.

  • In the case of several IPOs, Telekom took billion. However, the state is involved The state-owned Bank KfW and the Federal government together hold 31.7 per cent of the shares. The share of the once-courted private investors has fallen to under 15 percent, the Rest to institutional investors.

A user, not kids: “in the Middle of the formula 1 Finale the Internet and therefore the television. Unfortunately, I do not know now who is formula 1 world champion. Has Schalke lost? Trump is still the President?" “Since Saturday afternoon, NO INTERNET AND NO PHONE !!! THE HOTLINE IS NOT REACHABLE !! Not everything can be ,I hope the Telekom thinks of the next invoice to your customer did not receive the full contract performance !!!! And gives its customers a discount for the month of November …. The Telekom should settle the full amount, I will go to the lawyer.”, a of other users.

read The Telecom to affected customers: “It is, and always has, especially the Metropolitan areas are affected. It is not so, there is no local focus. The accumulation of the error image in the urban areas stems from the population distribution and thus is only a statistical result."

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