Sunday, November 27, 2016

Burger King wants to open 300 new branches –

The Fast-Food chain Burger King wants to open in the next six years, every week a new store in Germany.

“we Currently have in Germany, around 700 stores – and still a lot of potential,” said the CEO of Burger King Germany Andreas Bork, the “world on Sunday”.

“Ambitious plans”

“A four-digit number of Restaurants, it should already be in the next six, seven years.” In Munich, for example, the number of Restaurants would be increased from 15 to 25, in Cologne, Germany from seven to twelve to 15.

This would make the distance to the rivals McDonald’s currently 1478, and fast-food restaurants, however, still large.

the new stores are Planned in both downtown as well as on arterial roads and transport corridors.

“The plans are quite ambitious, I know,” said Bork. “Preparations to run for several years. It can, and will, therefore, go in next time.”

reports on the hygienic maladministration

see The scandal of a lack of hygiene and poor working conditions about two years ago, the then largest franchisee Yi-Ko Bork overcome now: “The impact of sales anyway, we have more than compensated.”

A RTL Team to the journalist Günter Wallraff had been reported in 2014, serious abuses in the branches of the Yi-Ko-Holding.

For 2016, and expects to Bork with Revenues of around 900 million euros in Germany. The be about 50 million euros more than in the previous year.

“nevertheless, there will probably always remain something back in the minds of the people. It is up to us, that the guests come in the future, always with a good feeling. For this, we do it all.”

McDonald’s came to surveys conducted by the Federal Association of system gastronomy last to around three billion euros in sales in Germany.


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