Sunday, October 23, 2016

“We are different”: VW-families distance themselves from Piëch – NEWS

Sunday, 23. October 2016

one and a Half years after the resignation of the company Patriarch Ferdinand Piëch, whose brother Hans Michel Piëch and Wolfgang Porsche, the VW Management the back. To the operational business you will not want to intervene. Criticism of the Board practice nevertheless.


The Porsche and Piëch families strengthen the Volkswagen Management the back. The VW Supervisory Board members Hans Michel Piëch and Wolfgang Porsche said the magazine “mirror”, they didn’t want to represent the families in the company as company Patriarch Ferdinand Piëch, who resigned last year as Chairman of the Supervisory Board. “We are different, and we understand our task as the representative of the families,” stressed Hans Michel Piëch. “Our basic position is: The Executive Board makes proposals. If you are reasonable, we will follow you.”

Piëch said, not “in the business” to intervene. “Our most important task is to find the right people for the leadership, and then to do your work for you.” Wolfgang Porsche, also strengthened the Position of VW brand boss, Herbert Diess, which is seeking savings in the weakening of the core brand. “We will support Mr Diess to the best of our ability,” said Porsche. “The brand needs to be more efficient and more profitable, to be so powerful.”

However, the works Council chief Bernd Osterloh does not want to engage in the plans of This, there should be no firm Commitments for products and employment guarantees for every location. The had made Osterloh last week on a works meeting at the main plant in Wolfsburg. Both Supervisory Board members showed understanding for the criticism of bonus payments for the VW-members of the management Board during the diesel scandal. “To me, it would have been best, would have been omitted, for the Moment, on flexible Compensation elements”, said Porsche. Hans Michel Piëch acknowledged: “For the external effect, it would have been better if the Board had waived once.”

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On the Porsche Automobil Holding SE to the Porsche and Piëch families hold 52 percent of Volkswagen. A change of ownership of Volkswagen, Wolfgang Porsche from the castle. “My children are to the organization.” The same is true for the other members of the fourth Generation. “I don’t think the younger Generation just want to quickly get to the money.” In addition, family members such cases, had the power of veto.

“The shares in Porsche Automobil Holding SE cannot land in the case of a Chinese car manufacturer or a hedge Fund,” said Porsche. Hans Michel Piëch said to be speculation, his brother Ferdinand could sell the own shares, “I believe.” But you have to ask Ferdinand Piëch.




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