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Tesla: a Historical step in the black – Handelsblatt


The electric car manufacturer surprises with a profit for the fiscal third quarter.

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New YorkThe appeal seems to have worked. In an E-Mail from last August inspired Elon Musk to his staff: “We are only a hair’s breadth in front of it, to achieve a good third quarter,” wrote Tesla CEO. For as many cars as possible built and delivered now, while “we are cutting at the same time all non-essential costs”.

The call came: For the months of July to September, Tesla announced good Figures: sales shot up compared to the previous year, of 937 million to $ 2.3 billion. Also, the car maker turned a loss from the previous year in the amount of $ 230 million to a profit of $ 22 million. So that Tesla wrote for the second Time in its history, the black, the last Time this was achieved in early 2013. Also in the fourth quarter, Tesla wants to show a profit.

, The company of Elon Musk

  • As the Internet mass-compatible, founded by Elon Musk and his brother Kimbal, and the company Zip 2, a searchable company directory – at that time an Innovation. Large newspaper publishers agreed on with the Start-up contracts. In 1999, the computer manufacturer Compaq, took over the company for 300 million dollars, Musk received $ 22 million.

  • Musk was already thinking longer about how they could change with an Online Bank the financial sector. He hired the best programmers, and founded in 1999, with the bulk of the income from the sale of Zip2 X.Com. The company experimented with radical concepts, and allowed for the sending of money via E-Mail.

  • others Also developed a payment system for the Internet – for example, the Start-up Confinity, with its Paypal service. First competed and Confinity, then they joined together. A large round of funding allowed for further growth, in 2002 Ebay took over the service for 5.1 billion dollars. Musk received $ 165 million.

  • With the money was able to live out Musk of his fascination for the space. The dreamed-of mission to Mars was first unrealistic, the entrepreneur, but in 2002, to convince, to develop a cheap rocket. Today, Space X actually offers space flights to the much more favourable conditions than, for example, Boeing or Lockheed Martin.

  • The most famous of Musk project is a Tesla, even if others founded the company, and the makers discovered only in 2004, with his money. First of all, nobody in the car industry, the idea of a pure electric vehicle seriously, thanks to the engineering performance of Tesla is different now. For all his innovative spirit, the listed company is still not profitable.

  • Because solar cells were expensive, founded by Lyndon and Peter Rive in 2006, the company Solar City. It produced no modules, but financed the plant in advance, so that the customer had to pay. Your Cousin, Elon Musk, rose as Investor and the largest share is up to today owner. The company is one of the largest suppliers of solar cells in the United States. 2016 Musks car maker Tesla took over the company.

  • As Musk from the railway system, was disappointed, looked for a Alternative: the transport capsules to shoot by compressed-air tubes and also long distances in a short time. Several high-ranking engineers of Space X and Tesla devised a concept. Currently, a connection between Los Angeles and Las Vegas is planned. Cost: more than $ 8 billion.

The stock rose after the publication of the quarterly report was approximately four percent. The results wiped some of the fears of investors from the table. Bob Lutz, former Vice Chairman of General Motors, brought the criticism to a few hours earlier, before the publication of the Figures in a television interview on the spot. The Fans of Tesla are like “members of a religious sect”. Musk have delivered “nothing, except a larger negative Cash Flow, a larger income expenditure minus and more and more capital”. The allegations, which could invalidate the Tesla boss with the the past quarter. The electric car pioneer comes on a stock market value of around 30 billion dollars, while it’s competitor, General Motors brings to $ 49 billion, although the auto giant from Detroit converts to 30 Times as much as Tesla.

Musk had to pay in the past, often the promise is not complied with, such as in the case of production or the amount of vehicles that should be delivered. This time, however, the 2003-founded company showed itself to be disciplined, the deliveries of 24.821 Model-S and Model-X-car-doubled compared to the previous year. “Tesla needed the success of urgent”, said Rebecca Lindland, an analyst of the industry-consulting, Kelley Blue Book.

the problems in the production seem to be out of the world. Tesla is well on the way to the promised production volume of 50,000 vehicles in the second half of the year to comply with. An important milestone for the company that wants to join in next year with the Model 3 in the mass market. “We stick to our Plan in the Timing and volume of the vehicle features, the pricing and profit margins,” said Tesla for the Model 3.

road safety: fear of the autopilot – Dobrindt warns Tesla driver

Musk drove his staff another reason to reach peak performance. He needs a strong share price. In a few weeks ‘ time the shareholders vote on a Takeover by Solarcity, the solar company should be purchased with Tesla shares. The Deal, few analysts and investors do not see a critical.

food were skeptics of a new Ranking of the product tester of the “Consumer Reports”. The awards a few years ago 99 out of 100 points for the Model S. However, now the car brand fell to 25th place out of 29 in terms of reliability, such as the U.S. consumers Foundation said on Monday. Especially technical problems with the new SUV Model X, as well as with its futuristic gull-wing doors made the brand strong in the Ranking decline.

Musk was already a few months ago, to be too ambitious at the Model X is””. In Model 3


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