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Expansion of Heathrow: Green light for London’s Apple of discord – tagesschau.de

For years, a fight over a new runway for the Heathrow airport in London. Economically important, call the advocates and the opponents keep the already high level of aircraft noise. Now the Prime Minister May have agreed to the Expansion.

in Germany will be a dispute over the construction and Expansion of airports, but also in the UK: After years of discussion, has given the conservative government of Prime Minister Theresa May is now a green light for the construction of a third runway at the biggest European Airport is London-Heathrow. However, even in may’s Cabinet, the resistance is formed, led by the foreign Minister, Boris Johnson.

For 40 years, British politicians of all parties argue about which of the two largest London airports will be expanded: Heathrow or Gatwick? That was the question. After 100 days in office, the conservative Prime Minister May now have the command, “ready for take-off”: A third runway at Heathrow should be, as transport Minister, Chris Grayling announced.

expand The Airport in the southwest of the capital, according to Grayling, was the right decision for the British economy – to international trade, as well as for tourism. The government will send just after the Brexit vote, the clear Signal to be more economically open country.

criticism from a political top League

Approximately 75 million passengers Heathrow was one of last year: And soon the number One among the airports in Europe is even greater. Estimated at a cost of 17.6 billion pounds, the equivalent of an estimated 20 billion euros.

But the critics of this project are by no means silent. Declared Heathrow opponent is, and remains, no Less than Minister of foreign Affairs Johnson, whose constituency is in the flight path. He complained that New York was the city of skyscrapers, Paris the city of lights – and London? “The city of the aircraft,” said London’s Ex-mayor. And asked: “Do we really do that?”

Tory politician, Johnson had promised years ago to want to personally to the excavators. To him and to the other Heathrow critics in her government has authorised May, so far, your mind is open to Express, although not too often and not too loud.

Johnson’s successor in the mayor’s office, Sadiq Khan of the Labour Party, called the planned Expansion of Heathrow is also a wrong decision for London and the country: “A new runway will be disastrous for the air quality in London. Now more people are around Heathrow by aircraft noise along affected than in Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Munich and Madrid.” The Gatwick airport South of the capital to expand, would be easier, cheaper, and faster, and would therefore be the better Option, campaigned Khan.

A long way to the ground-breaking ceremony

criticism of the Heathrow Expansion also comes from local residents and environmentalists. Applause clapping, a lot of the airlines, industry associations, and trade unions. John Holland-Kaye, Heathrow CEO, is not the goal, but after the “Go” to the Prime Minister 100 per cent confident.

But also, if the race is on: Before the construction work can begin, it will be a long process. The consultations and the vote in Parliament, then the planning, then the lawsuits. A controversial mammoth project for May, which was even used against a third runway. Because even the people in your constituency – Maidenhead suffering to the West of London, under the Heathrow flight noise.

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