Monday, October 24, 2016

Ex-Chancellor Schröder to deal with Kaiser’s Tengelmann – Hamburger Abendblatt

twist Poker with the future of the hard-hit supermarket chain. Also Striking withdraws complaint

Berlin. The difficult struggle for the future of the supermarket chain Kaiser’s Tengelmann takes an unexpected turn. A conciliation procedure is to bring a solution to the frozen conflict to the supermarket chain Kaiser’s Tengelmann. On the proposal of the Federal Minister for economic Affairs Sigmar Gabriel and the Ver.di Chairman Frank Bsirske had agreed Edeka, Tengelmann and Rewe today on such a procedure, under the direction of the former Federal Chancellor Gerhard Schröder, the Ministry announced on Monday.

Also on Board is the long-standing Chairman of the Council of experts, Bert Rürup will be brought. “For the company, the Chairman of the Board, will participate in the Mediation,” it said. The goal is to allow, on the basis of Gabriel granted Ministerial approval for the Takeover of Kaiser’s Tengelmann by Edeka in a timely manner a balancing of interests between the parties Involved. “For the duration of the procedure, the Delivery of Tengelmann will be stores to third parties, and is agreed between the parties, silence”, – stated in the message. Thus, the destruction of the ailing chain is stopped.

Previously, the rings of the chain was gone on Monday. Gabriel took part in discussions with the parties, said a spokeswoman for his ministries on Monday in Berlin. To him, it is very important that a solution be found.

On the weekend was once again a little movement in the last hardened fronts. After the Discount chain Norma, the competitor Significantly to the withdrawal of the lawsuit against the controversial Minister had permission agreed for a sale of the supermarket chain Edeka, like Tengelmann, the owner of Karl-Erivan Haub said on Sunday evening. “So two of the three Complainants in the last four days have made the way to the rescue of the 16,000 jobs at Kaiser’s Tengelmann,” said the businessman.

Consummated, the Acquisition may not be, but to continue as long as the Edeka-rival Rewe as the third-party plaintiff, his complaint against the Minister’s permission. The hurdles for an agreement with Rewe seem to be very high. Which should now be in the settlement talks found. A completion of the Ministerial approval would ensure that all employees of Kaiser’s Tengelmann, a five-year job guarantee. Kaiser’s Tengelmann operates in the Metropolitan area of Berlin, in Munich and upper Bavaria and in North Rhine-Westphalia, 400 branches. The chain has been writing for years in the red.


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