Saturday, October 22, 2016

Canada talks with the EU on CETA –

On the Morning run is the next attempt to bring the free trade agreement CETA to the financial statements. Canada’s trade Minister, Freeland met with EU Parliament’s President Schulz. This wants to speak with the Prime Minister of the Belgian Region of Wallonia.

in The Morning have started, the EU and Canada, a new start to the negotiations on the proposed free trade agreement CETA agreement. The canadian trade Minister, Chrystia Freeland, who had moved in the evening, in the short term, your announced flight back to Canada, met at 7.30 am for a working Breakfast with President of the EU Parliament Martin Schulz.

Schulz had announced late in the evening, the surprising, Freeland hours previously had canceled the talks because they apparently saw no possibility of a timely agreement with the Belgian Region of Wallonia, which prevents their rejection currently, for Thursday’s planned signing of the CETA agreement between Canada and the 28 EU member States. Canada was ready to “stop the clock until the EU had solved its internal problems,” said Schulz of the

After the talks with Freeland, he wants to meet at 9 am with Paul Magnette, Minister-President of the Walloon Region. This had also rejected a compromise proposal from the EU Commission, the CETA agreement. He wants to give the Belgian Central government the necessary power for the signing of the agreement only if all of the concerns of the Wallonia are removed.

CETA is supposed to be next week, Thursday, in the presence of the canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, signed. The agreement is concluded only if all the EU States. The aim of the removal of tariffs and trade agreements. Critics fear that European Social, legal and environmental standards to be eroded.

About this theme is the night, the magazine reported on 22 may. October, 2016 00:55.


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