Thursday, September 8, 2016

Temporary work reaches record level in Germany – SPIEGEL ONLINE


The number of temporary workers in Germany reached a new high. 2015, a total of 961,000 people are employed as temporary workers, more than ever before. This is clear from a reply of the Federal Government to an inquiry of the left.

This could be topic on Thursday in the Bundestag. Then as part of the budget deliberations of the budget of the Federal Ministry of Labour by Andrea Nahles (SPD) is debated. Expected in September parliamentary consideration of a bill of Nahles to curb abuse of temporary employment and work contracts due to start.

Temporary work is controversial. Businesses and corporations praise: Temporary work enables them to react flexibly to order fluctuations. So, the VW group no employee had been dismissed despite exhaust scandal – go but had many temporary workers. Employers argue without agency would employ a total of fewer people, because they could be separated from permanent employees in a crisis only difficult again. Unions and leftists criticize, however, sharply that contract and temporary workers earn significantly less than permanent employees.

temporary workers earn less

The number of contract and temporary workers 2015 was increased by 50,000 over the previous year. In previous years the numbers 610000-910 000. fluctuated The average gross salary for temporary workers was according to the latest figures at 1700 euros – and thus significantly below the level of other employees. “In comparison, the median pay was all social insurance full-time employees in 2960 euros,” said the government.

Nearly two out of three temporary workers worked last at very low wages. They were below the low pay threshold of around 1970 euros, under the wage, which amounts to two thirds of the average salary of employees in total. 5.7 percent of temporary workers are entitled to supplementary benefits and falter their salary with Hartz IV. Only every fourth temporary employment relationship is nine months or longer. 15 percent take 15 months 12 per cent over 18 months.

Focus metal and electrical industry

It is a widespread temporary employment especially in machine and vehicle construction. Overall, the metal and electrical industry, most temporary workers employed considering all temporary workers with 36 percent. Take the mechanical engineering are employed in the automotive industry 10 percent 11 percent of temporary workers.

The left-politician Klaus Ernst said in establishments have a “established two-tier system.” He accused Nahles, its planned reform will not serve in the approach to the protection of temporary workers. He fears that, despite reform to a few would benefit from better pay. Nahles scatter “those concerned only sand in the eyes.”

The draft stipulates that interim or temporary workers be paid in future by nine months as well as the permanent staff. They are allowed to work more than 18 months in the same establishment, without being taken over by this. Deviations by collective agreement should remain possible, even for non-bargaining undertakings in the sector.


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