Friday, September 30, 2016

Stock plunges on Wall Street by more than 6 percent, Deutsche Bank: fighting … –

Deutsche Bank


Worry – Deutsche Bank

The Deutsche Bank stock Chart to show in the blazing lack of trust suffocate in their operational financial soundness. On Thursday, the price of the Bank fell to Wall Street to 6,31%, after the information had become known, according to which some hedge funds have reduced their business with Germany’s largest money house.

The customers in the so-called derivatives-Clearing would have deducted some of the excess Money balances and positions, reported the news Agency Bloomberg on Thursday, citing a your this internal document of the Bank. The great majority of the more than 200 derivatives Clearing customers have, however, made no changes. Under the derivatives Clearing refers to the settlement of transactions in complex financial products. The stability of the business partner is perceived as important. Investors had the decisions of the Deutsche-Bank-customer as a no-confidence interpreted vote.

According to the notification, the Frankfurter sent a Statement: “Our trade customers include the world’s most accomplished investors. We are confident that the vast majority of the stable financial position of the Bank [...] aware of.” The Chairman of the business with hedge funds in the German Bank, Barry Bausano, tried to dispel doubts in the channel CNBC. It had been in the past, only normal flows in and out of his division.

Deutsche Bank is currently enormous pressure: In the U.S. a record fine of 14 billion dollars (almost 12.5 billion Euro) in settlement negotiations in order to mortgage transactions from the days before the financial crisis. Investors fear that the Bank must increase its capital. The Federal government rejected recently even a report, it will work on a contingency plan for a financial group





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