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iPhone 7 Plus: Refurbished Apple’s new flagship last competition? – COMPUTER BILD

Visually, the largest eye of new iPhone 7 series: the high-gloss black case (diamond Black)

the design:. known and yet different

W ie the iPhone 7, the basic design has remained the same at first glance: Like the previous iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6S Plus puts it further in an aluminum housing with rounded corners , Only molded into the case antennas are placed somewhat differently, run a bit more discreet along the edge. There is only a plus even wider baggy camera vault, safe for fans of minimalist design matter of habit. But there are two more important differences: visually impressive with especially the new high glossy black color variant called Black Diamond. Unlike the example in many PCs and notebooks but it is not plastic, but the surface is obtained by complex chemical processes: In nine steps of the aluminum body is anodized and polished again. In addition, there are also variations in matte black, white, silver, gold, pink gold. The Apple logo is made of stainless steel. Functionally more importantly also the iPhone 7 Plus is dust- and waterproof against temporary immersion (IP67 standard, Apple is speaking here only of splash-protected). Compared to many Android phones with similar screen size the previous Plus models looked very clunky. That has not changed with the new iPhone 7 Plus, because the Home button next occupies a lot of space under the display and Apple much Patz also leaves above, according to the display. What remains is the main difference of plus model for normal iPhone: the size. It has a 5.5-inch screen, the iPhone 7 only 4.7 inches

“information, technical specifications, prices:. Everything for iPhone 7


the iPhone 7 is here, the Apple Watch 2 has arrived and the AirPods come: Apple fired products on all cylinders. Here is the abstract

Keynote: Apple Watch Series 2 & amp; iPhone 7 have arrived!

The first iPhone with Dual Camera

The iPhone 7 Plus is the first iPhone with two cameras on the back. Both cameras offer 12-megapixel resolution and are closely juxtaposed. The aperture is brighter (f / 1.8), the optical system consists of six lenses, the autofocus to work faster and the LED flash (now constructed of four LEDs) to turn off the flickering artificial light. Photos should be in only 25 milliseconds in the box. But Apple wants to achieve quality characteristics that are otherwise only with real cameras with large sensor and thick lens will: Focus and zoom with less quality loss than with normal digital zoom. The trick: A lens is a wide-angle lens, the other is similar to the focal length by a telephoto lense. Apple even speaks of two x optical zoom lens. As with a light field camera that captures light beams in different directions and can shift the focus afterwards, so a game with the depth of field is possible. The first images that showed Apple, looked impressive. However, the software that enables this depth of field effect, not finished yet. The function needs to be delivered until the end of the year via a software update. Whether satisfy the images also in practice a critical look, a real test will only show. A optical image stabilizer way is supposed to have only one of the two cameras. . The front camera has 7 megapixels

Dual Camera in competition Comparison

are For Android dual cameras, so two camera lenses on the back , already known. The LG G5 combined an extra-wide-angle lens with a normal appearance. The Huawei P9 provides an extra sensor for high-contrast black-and-white photographs and already in 2014 brought the HTC One M8 an additional camera for more Focus on the housing.

What is missing? The headphone jack!

Like the iPhone 7 also lacks the Plus model classic headphone jack. The rationale for Apple: We need any place. Instead, headphones by Lightning cable or wireless (Bluetooth) can be connected. These are in every iPhone pack new headphones with Lightning connector. In addition, Apple has developed its own first Bluetooth headset, called AirPods. Base is a separate wireless chip called W1. Interestingly, the coupling is to go particularly simple and also be transferred to any other Apple devices of the same user via iCloud. Whether Apple used NFC or its own technology, is still unclear. the AirPods see the famous Apple plugs headphones similar except for the lack of cable. Through its brand Beats brings Apple larger headphones on the market. An advantage of the new headphones will be the sound: According to Apple, no one had yet dared to offer the same quality via Bluetooth to sound like wired. More details why the sound is supposed to be better, Apple has not given away. Two consolation for fans of classic audio technology: Luckily a Lightning adapter for regular headphones is installed. And finally there are stereo speakers (allegedly twice as loud as the iPhone 6S Plus), with better Android devices almost standard. After Lenovo with the Moto Z Apple is the second manufacturer to dispense with the jack.

iPhone 7 Plus: Stronger Display

The iPhone screens have always been really good. But compared to Samsung’s top models they fell in recent years more and more into the background: Samsung’s AMOLED displays offered – as well as other Android flagships – significantly stronger contrasts, colors seemed stronger than the iPhone. Even at the maximum brightness, formerly a weakness of Samsung displays, Apple was falling behind after the appearance of the Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Note 7 even reached 827 Candela. Has Apple finally refilled with the iPhone 7 Plus here? The problem is: We do not know. For Tim Cook gave up technical details, promised only a lump sum more colors, a bright by as much as 25 percent display. That would mean that the iPhone 7 Plus came to almost 800 candelas brightness, so after all just behind Samsung. In the resolution, the iPhone seems 7 Plus with Full HD to stay (Tim Cook spoke only nebulous Retina HD), therefore remain well behind Samsung (Quad HD). As long as Apple does not offer VR glasses, but that is no real disadvantage in practice.

The Hardware: The plugged in iPhone 7 Plus

Like the iPhone 7 can also be found the iPhone 7 Plus the new Home button: It is now pressure sensitive, haptic feedback offers. Under the hood we find the usual modernization: a new, faster processor, the Apple A10 Fusion. The quad-core chip will be 40 percent faster than the A9 in the iPhone 6S / 6S Plus and twice as fast as the Apple A8 in the iPhone 6/6 Plus. Two cores are high performance cores, while others need only one-fifth compared to energy, but rich only for simple tasks such as standby operation. The graphics performance is increased by 50 percent, Apple promises something full-bodied console-like quality (after all, Nintendo brings now an official “Super Mario” game on the iPhone). For memory, Apple did not comment, supposedly he is 2 gigabytes (GB) – which in comparison to the Android competition (OnePlus 3: 6 GB; Galaxy Note 7: 4 GB) would rather puny. Good: The battery life should be longer than any other iPhone, the iPhone 7 Plus an hour longer than the iPhone 6S Plus. The LTE module now supports up to 450 Mbps. A memory card slot, there is still not natural. But already there is the basic version with 32 GB, the largest even 256GB.

In these five colors, the iPhone is to buy 7 Plus.

Price, colors and Availability

the iPhone 7 Plus will appear on September 16 optionally in the colors glossy black (black diamond), matt black, white / silver, gold, pink gold. The pre-order is possible in Germany from 9 September. Variants: The iPhone 7 Plus comes with either 32 GB, 128 GB or 256 GB of storage. With 32 GB it will cost 899 euros, with 128 GB 1009 Euro, 256GB 1119 euros. The glossy black unit is available only in 128GB or 256 GB.Tipp: All providers offer the opportunity to pre-order the new iPhone before the start of official Vorbestellphase. This is strictly a reservation. In the past, were customers who had their iPhone reserved as supplied their equipment already on the first day of sale. Here are the direct links to pre-order at the large providers with contract:

“iPhone 7 & amp; iPhone 7 Plus: Pre-order now at Telekom

“iPhone 7 & amp;! iPhone 7 Plus: Pre-order now at O2

Conclusion: Apple iPhone 7 Plus

The iPhone 7 Plus launches in important respects a technical fight back, closes about the waterproof case and possibly even when the display quality (color, brightness) to Samsung on. Also interesting is a new camera, its possibilities, at least in theory fascinate. Unfortunately, Apple has chosen not to explain the technique of camera and wireless headphones accurate. So skepticism is: For one thing, the fundamental weaknesses of Apple’s closed system. Secondly, the quality of the new camera is far from proven. In real test was yet thoroughly convincing even under Android not only dual-camera. And whether the fascinating depth feature ever work as announced for the launch of the iPhone 7 Plus unknown. Because the software is not ready yet. Thus, the most important question to be answered only after the final laboratory test: Does Apple this time it really is better made than its competitors? And really pays a waiver headphone jack out for consumers? Or only for Apple’s headphone sales?


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