Monday, September 26, 2016

Deutsche Bank: Why state assistance might be useful – MIRROR ONLINE

what must it be to a Bank, if the message that the government does not want to save, the stock crash? Pretty bad.

For Deutsche Bank, is burning it up in flames. The capital is the largest German money house already in short supply. And, now, a huge penalty from the United States threatens him. 14 billion dollars wants. the US Department of justice, according to a first claim by the Bank Even if it is likely to be at the end a little less: If the group can pay the penalty out of his own power, is highly questionable.

do What? The shareholders, again with fresh money to ask for (and take the risk that you want nothing more to give)? The parts of the Bank to sell, the are still worth something (and the unloved Parts of sit, stay)?

The future perspectives for the German Bank are not exactly rosy. No matter what she does – in the end, you will not be Deutsche Bank, as we know it today. In the best case, you shrinks himself and climbs out of more risky trading activities. But that was not, at least so far, the Plan for the top management. Especially the powerful Chairman of the Supervisory Board Paul Achleitner maintained steadfastly to the controversial investment banking division, which has caused the Bank in the past few years, so a lot of Trouble.

Bringing the possibility into the game, which is now currently hotly debated is to come: Fresh billion from the German government – or, in other words, by the taxpayers. Before you, dear reader, jump now angry on your desktop or your Smartphone through the U-Bahn to throw, please let us just think for a minute about the possible advantages of such a solution.

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If the state entrances temporarily with the German Bank – so a larger package of shares of the Bank bought – he could solve two problems at once: the position of The Bank would calm down by the injection of capital immediately. And the Federal government could bring to the Management with pressure to shrink the group more closely and to place it on solid foundations, such as pure Private and corporate customer banking. It might be possible to merge even with the crisis-ridden Commerzbank. The Federal government holds, after all, still a share of around 15 percent.

everything goes If in the end, the state-owned share packages later re-sell high – and the taxpayer might even make a profit.

Admittedly, the maneuver would be risk-free. But that it can succeed, have demonstrated, for example, the United States, which at the height of the financial crisis led to a series of large banks in your state money, The US forced and at the end of double benefit from:-banks were healthier from the crisis than the European, and the government in Washington had earned the money.

It might have been a mistake, that the Federal government has not seized in the autumn of 2008 as well. He would be ashamed if Deutsche Bank, the state would have to take the aid, announced at the time, group chief Executive, Josef Ackermann. And was henceforth left the policy alone.

The result was that the German Bank moved to little Lessons from the financial crisis. Continue as before – that was long the foreign exchange. Meanwhile, the once-proud group drags from a low point to the next. The share price is so low as never before. On the stock exchange, the whole group is not even more than 16 billion euros in value. So cheap it was Germany’s largest money house never. For the state it could be a bargain if he uses it to dictate the terms and conditions.


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