Saturday, September 24, 2016

Dax Supervisory Board members get more money for 2015 – Südwest Presse

The Dax Supervisory Board members were paid for in 2015, higher than 2014. About 111 000 € conceding a simple member – 6.3 per cent more than in the previous year.


The members of the Supervisory Board of VW had to do in 2015, so much to like never before, but still significantly less money. Instead of € 12.2 million as of 2014 there were only 700 000 € . The reason is that their remuneration is tied in large part to the dividend. And the is failed due to the exhaust gas scandal and the billion loss at VW completely. This is one of the Central findings of the study of the German protection Association for securities holding (DSW) on the Supervisory boards of the largest German corporations.

the collapse of The remuneration of the Supervisory Board at VW shows, in the view of DSW-expert Christiane Hölz, a strong alignment of pay of inspectors, especially in the short-term success of a company is highly problematic. The overseers were required to straight – as in the case of VW, where the number of sessions in 2015 doubled to 35 almost – in cases of Crisis. “Your workload will increase enormously in this time. A significant variable share of the remuneration but inevitably leads to the compensation sets the wrong incentives and the independence of the Supervisory Board is at risk." The DSW calls for a fixed compensation of Supervisory Board members, as 22 of the 30 Dax-listed companies.

on average, the remuneration of the members of the Supervisory Board –VW excluded increased in 2015, an average of 6.3 percent to approximately 111 000 € per head. The biggest Plus, there was Wood, at Heidelberg Cement, with almost 60 per cent to € 1.5 million . In the case of Pro Sieben Sat1 and Vonovia it went to about 40 percent.

Although the German Bank is doing anything other than good, conceding Supervisory Board chief Paul Achleitner 808 000 €, the highest single sum. Although he should be busy with the Job at the Deutsche Bank, with mixes he was still at Bayer and Daimler. Gerd Cromme was rewarded as the head of the Siemens Supervisory Board year, with 608 000 €, Wolfgang Reitzle in Conti with 494 000 €. Overall, the Siemens-warden, as well in the previous year of € 5.1 million . This was the highest compensation.


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