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Audi CEO Stadler makes in spite of exhaust gas affair – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Volkswagen has a Problem: In Wolfsburg, the conveyor belts stand still. Due to the damage to a sheet metal press, the Golf production in the Volkswagen must rest-the main plant until next Tuesday. The subject has also engaged the Supervisory Board, came together on Friday to its regular September meeting.

Henning Peitsmeier author: Henning Peitsmeier, economic correspondent in Munich.

the Board meets strictly isolated from the Public, in gutinformierten circles, it was said, however, the control would have processed a long list of topics. Tag for the Volkswagen brand, long-term group strategy, refurbishment of the diesel crisis, the latter especially was of explosive nature, finally, the members of the Supervisory Board received a first-Hand between the status of internal investigations to the exhaust of fraud, which are guided by the American law firm Jones Day. And given the recent turmoil, mainly in the subsidiary company, Audi, was the conversation required.

the Human consequences of not had to pull the control panel of the diesel affair. The report of Jones Day, was to come in the run-up to a great interest because of the role of Audi-Chef Rupert Stadler, brought certainly not a light in the Dark. Stadler had been the internal investigators interviewed, but seem to have “no grounds for suspicion against him”. Of a Complicity Stadler’s due to the manipulations of the Three-Liter diesel engine of the Audi was after the meeting in Wolfsburg. “Not really with a burning coat,” – quoted by the dpa news Agency an Insider.

lower Saxony’s Minister President and Volkswagen Supervisory Board, Stephan Weil had taken before the Supervisory Board meeting in a newspaper party for Stadler interview quite well: “the fact that someone is interrogated, you can not conclude that there is a charge against him.” Alone, the news magazine “Spiegel” reported on Friday, citing the group’s insider in advance that there are “new accusations” against Stadler. At the time of their survey, the investigators of Jones Day, Stadler, he has been confronted with this, he had held back for a presentation to the diesel scandal in the United States, “documents”.

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As always, Stadler will take over as Chairman of the Board, also to the refurbishment of the diesel affair: Important the date of 24.October. Until then, Audi, the U.S. environmental protection Agency, EPA, must submit a recall plan for the 85,000 manipulated diesel engines. And by the way, Stadler will also need to present to the Board of Directors a new Board member for development. Stefan Knirsch, should have known, according to Jones Day at an early stage of the fraud software at the Three-Liter Diesel from Audi, is expected to vacate in the coming week from his Post in Ingolstadt, was heard from the group’s circles. And the final results of the internal investigation to the diesel scandal could be the estimation of VW in the fall.

Sigmar Gabriel According to the agreement of the SPD to the Ceta

SPD leader and economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel has expressed satisfaction over the decision of his party for the Ceta agreement with Canada. The social Democrats had voted on a party Convention in Wolfsburg for Gabriel’s Ceta course. With the free trade agreement there will be no lowering of Standards, said Gabriel.

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