Sunday, July 31, 2016

Kraftfahrtbundesamt are Opel approval for new diesel – RP ONLINE

Berlin. Opel can go with its new models with two-liter diesel engine at the start. The KBA is satisfied with the emission values. They should be much better than before


Opel gets after months of testing for the two-liter diesel of the new Zafira approval by the Federal motor Transport Authority (KBA). The Federal Ministry of Transport confirmed at weekend, a report of “Bild am Sonntag”, which cast doubt on the software were dispelled for motor control. The approval is granted on Monday. The new diesel engine is to be used in the models Insignia and Cascada.

As the newspaper reported, the officials help even achieved when a computer hacker who tested the new software. The new system for waste gas treatment THAT CONDITION significantly stronger, the emissions have been reduced substantially.

Opel sees the old Zafira model allegations, similar to VW to have built an illegal cut-out device to beautiful exhaust emissions of the diesel engine , The investigation committee appointed by the VW scandal the Ministry of Transport reviewed this yet. Opel has the accusation always rejected and justified the reduction of the emission control in certain temperature ranges and at higher speeds with the protection of important components in the vehicle. This is technically necessary and legally


In the Transport Ministry stated on Sunday on request, it now can not find a shutdown of the abatement at speeds over 145 kilometers per hour more instead. In addition, the system now working in the temperature range from minus 8 to plus 50 degrees Celsius. Earlier this Corridor came in at 17 to 33 degrees. There was a significant reduction in nitrogen oxide emissions.

Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt (CSU) announced the VW exhaust scandal, when new type approvals would be examined much more closely in the future than in the past. The Ministry emphasized that KBA had in the case of Opel now being tested on the dynamometer and on the street and checked the disclosed software

(HeBu / dpa)



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