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Unemployed: The number of job seekers fall in May to 2.66 million – SPIEGEL ONLINE

Positive development on the German labor market: in May, the number of people without jobs has declined significantly again.

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People in the Federal Employment Agency

the number of unemployed in Germany fell further in May. According to the Federal Employment Agency 2.664 million people were without a job. The were 98,000 unemployed less than a year ago, the authority said. The unemployment rate fell by 0.3 points to 6.0 percent.

Compared to April, the number fell by 80,000. “The labor market in general continues to develop positively”, said the head of the Federal Labour Agency, Frank-Jürgen Weise. Unemployment had declined further in the course of the expiring spring revival.

By deducting the seasonal fluctuations in unemployment, according to BA back to 11,000 unemployed. Economists had only a drop of 5000 on average expected. In April, unemployment was stronger than for the season like usual.

Later in the year, experts expect an increasing number of unemployed, as more and more refugees seeking employment. For the full year 2016 they expect new highs in the number of workers and employees at the same time rising unemployment because the labor supply increases greatly.

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The pillars of social security


 Every employee in Germany is compulsory member of the unemployment insurance. The main performance of the insurance is the Unemployment Benefit I (ALG I) , which replaces a portion of the former net income and is paid up to one year after the loss of a point. For older unemployed exceptions. Runs from the payment of ALG I, without a new site was found, then Unemployment Benefit II (ALG II) is paid. The instrument – also known as Hartz IV – was created in 2005 when the former unemployment and welfare benefits have been merged. The contribution rate for unemployment insurance is currently 3.0 percent of gross salary. Employers pay this rate for each employee.


 There are two types of health insurance – the Legal (SHI) and Private (PKV) . Around 90 per cent of workers are compulsorily insured in the GKV. The contribution rate is currently 15.5 percent for all insured. In addition, the health insurance companies may charge independent of income posts. Since early 2009, all flow contributions to a health fund from which they are distributed to the POS. Access to PHI is only self-employed workers and above an income threshold open.


 The contributions are financed by a PAYG system, in which the working people pay the benefits of retirees. Based on the contributions paid, the future pension amount is calculated. Currently, the contribution rate is 19.6 percent . In January 2013, the contribution drops to 18.9 percent. The statutory retirement age is currently being raised gradually from 65 years to 67 years.


 Long-term care is the youngest of the social insurance in Germany. It is a basic insurance that covers part of the cost of care.

Who gets Hartz IV?

 The policy is leading a fierce debate on the further development of Hartz IV – but who refers unemployment benefits actually? SPIEGEL ONLINE has collected demographic characteristics.


school percentage
Even students 4.2
finished school without completion 8.4
special / special Education 1.2
high school 47.2
Realschule 29
Fachhochschule 1.9
High School 7.5
Figures rounded, lack of play 100 percent: no or wrong information; Source: IAB “Panel labor market and social security”



teaching, company training
training percentage
students at general secondary school 4.4
No vocational qualification 37.5
semi-skilled training, auxiliary job 4.3
Berufsfachschule 6.4
foremen, technicians 3.2
Cooperative Education 0.8
Diploma (FH), Bachelor 2.2
Diploma (university) or BA 3.0
Figures rounded, lack of play 100 percent: no or wrong information; Source: IAB “Panel labor market and social security”

immigrant background

immigrant background percentage
No migration background 60
self-contracted 29.8
At least suffered a parent 6.1
At least one grandparent suffered 2.2
Figures rounded, lack of play 100 percent: no or wrong information; Source: IAB “Panel labor market and social security”


disability percentage
Officially established 10.3
Not officially established 86.7
application 2.9
Figures rounded, lack of play 100 percent: no or wrong information; Source: IAB “Panel labor market and social security”

Serious health condition


Serious health condition
Yes 27.8
No 71.9
Figures rounded, lack of play 100 percent: no or wrong information; Source: IAB “Panel labor market and social security”


Many unemployed relate, according to a study by the Institute for Employment occupational research over an extended period Hartz IV. in December 2007 were therefore 78 percent of the beneficiaries at least twelve months without interruption in power terms. With declining number of recipients, the number of long-term recipients hardly decreased. ssu

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