Saturday, May 28, 2016

sought solutions: What really helps from the milk crisis? – Bavarian radio

The warehouses are full, the prices in the cellar. How can the overproduction of milk be countered? So much so that farmers can again live from their work? Replies to bring on Monday at the Federal Ministry of Agriculture of the large Dairy Summit.

proposal: special tax

The Schwarz Group, which also includes the discounters Lidl belongs, had brought a special tax from this week. CEO Klaus Gehring told the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, such a tax would hit everyone equally. In the first place, but must act the operator: “Overproduction can only itself back the industry.” And the consumer sees in the obligation “. The decision on how many dairy farmers are producing according to this existential crisis still meets at the end of it”

In particular, the Union rejects the special tax but from. “This is mainly the trade steals from his responsibility. Because his ruinous price war with food is part of the problem,” says the Vice President of the CDU Bundestag group, Gitta Connemann. In an interview with the German Press Agency she said, also cooperatives and distributors would have to bear their responsibility

Proposal:. Agrarwende

The Greens call for a fundamental rethinking of policy towards green agriculture. The motto “always more, always cheaper” have led to the current crisis, Green Party leader Anton Hofreiter and the agricultural expert of the party, Friedrich Ostendorff revolt in an open letter to Agriculture Minister Christian Schmidt (CSU). To quickly access the affected farmers under the arms keep them immediate assistance indispensable. Otherwise “the number of dairy farmers and dairy farmers could halve over the next five years.” Farms that lowered their milk production for at least a year, would receive “staggered emergency aid”.

In the duty, the Greens also see the dairies. You should at the latest by the end of July to propose measures such as the amounts are reduced and the fee can be increased again. The federal government should work together with France in Brussels for a restriction of the quantity of milk. Besides, it has to work towards a changed competitive and cooperative law to give dairy farmers a stronger negotiating position with its customers.

Brunner the first milk Farmers im Allgäu

Bavarian Agriculture Minister Helmut Brunner (CSU) will face this Sunday on the “1. Allgäu-Swabian milk Farmers’ farmers , Brunner required by the EU one billion euros in emergency aid for needy businesses. In addition, there should be tax relief for farmers, he said on Thursday the “Passauer Neue Presse”. The “Association of German Dairy Farmers’ BDM requested to make aid payments to a mandatory redemption amount: Only those who produce less milk, should also receive grants. In addition to farmers who voluntarily cut their production, do not get produced for each liter of milk 30 cents.


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