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Proposed referendum on United Kingdom membership of the European Union-uncertainty: At the end there will be only losers – N24

The surveys indicate an extremely narrow decision. On June 23, is in the UK to the EU referendum. In the European Union grows before the vote nervousness.

stay inside or going out from the EU, that is the question, to answer the British voters in the referendum on 23 June. According to surveys, it is an extremely narrow decision. Nothing could move clearly into one or the other way in the past few weeks the pendulum. Not even the intervention of the US president, who campaigned on a visit to London for the whereabouts of Great Britain in the EU.

The voters both camps bomb more desperate with “facts”. Prime Minister David Cameron, who advertised for a stay of the Kingdom in the Union, warns especially against the economic consequences of a Proposed referendum on United Kingdom membership of the European Union. Who votiere for the exit, voice “potential for a recession,” said Cameron. Each private household would annually expect a loss of 4300 pounds, reckoned from the Treasury.

alarmist, saying Cameron’s opponents, including former Mayor of London Boris Johnson. Prayer Wheel detention he repeated how much the UK annually, monthly, daily pays membership dues to the EU – and what you could do with this money everything. He also asks that Britain should control its borders again – and means by that:. No longer freely allow EU citizens into the country

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For Germany the Proposed referendum on United Kingdom membership of the European Union would be a financial fiasco

Both sides rely on experts. The call in the event of a Proposed referendum on United Kingdom membership of the European Union ever the end of the financial center of London City from. Another time, they believe that the banking business could run much better without the hassle of EU regulations.

The closer the vote advances, more fabulous are the sounds. Boris Johnson is not too bad, to compare the idea of ​​the European Union with Hitler’s plans for a Europe under the leadership of Nazi Germany. Cameron warns the head of the terrorist militia IS would welcome a withdrawal of Britain from the EU. Successfully so that both seem to be.

Also in Brussels increases the nervousness. Confident Europeans fear at a Proposed referendum on United Kingdom membership of the European Union not only a significant loss of economic and diplomatic strength, but also a possible domino effect. “I can not rule out that the British exit would make you want more in other countries,” admitted recently European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, a.

will be behind closed doors so already discussed, as is the case of cases could be most effectively prevents win outlet proponents headwater also in other EU countries. One possibility is paid to set an example kind of negative on the UK.

The British would in the event of resignation rely to negotiate access to the European Single Market and the future relationship with the EU. The EU could raise the costs of withdrawal for UK uncomfortably high. True to the motto: See all forth, cherry picking has in Europe no chance


be vulnerable even if the British vote against the withdrawal from the EU.. To keep the UK in the EU, the other states have provided him extensive privileges in views. So the British government should be able to restrict, for example, benefits for migrant EU citizens in future. The anxious question is: What if in the future, other countries are trying to push through national interests over exit threats

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is disputed in Brussels whether the EU is properly positioned in the British election campaign. On the one hand all the arguments have been in recent months feverishly gathered, which can serve as ammunition for opponents outlet. On the other hand it hardly dares a EU leaders to pro-actively involved in the British election campaign.

seems too great fear of making mistakes. When asked whether he would go before the EU referendum on 23 June again to Britain, Juncker responded recently with a clear no. In support, he said, “Because the European Commission in the United Kingdom is even more unpopular than in Germany.”


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