Friday, May 20, 2016

New VW strategy: Müller wants VW to rebuild – Porsche denies power struggle – ABC Online

Friday, 05.20.2016, 17:39
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The global gas crisis as an opportunity to change – so the plan of VW CEO Matthias Müller could be summarized. On the way into the digital future VW needs but are not only much more efficient. There is also on the Board of news

More responsibility for the Group’s brands, better yields, flatter hierarchies, electric mobility and digitization. The planned new Group Strategy 2025 by CEO Matthias Müller, Volkswagen middle of the diesel crisis a complete reconstruction.

“if we do the right things, and if we do it right, then, our company has great opportunities for the future. I’m convinced, “Mueller said on Friday at a non-public meeting managers to executives in Wolfsburg. The German press agency were excerpts of the speech before.

“VW needs to be quicker”

“A company of this size, this internationality and complexity can not be with the principles and structures of control yesterday – so successful this may have been, “said Müller. Volkswagen had to be faster, more agile, entrepreneurial. Given the threat of billions of costs due to the global exhaust tampering with more than eleven million diesels must especially the cost “significantly improved”. it is that the brands in the group to take more responsibility is basis for it.

For the new strategy also implies that electromobility in VW, as well as in other major carmakers, get significantly more weight to. The group to be infected first sales target. In 2025, Volkswagen wants to amp with its VW, Audi, Porsche &; Co. to sell a million pure electric cars and hybrid vehicles, said company representatives. Every tenth sold car would thus in the current situation a battery drive on board.

The new VW strategy is to replace the previously valid, coined by Müller’s predecessor Martin Winterkorn roadmap. According to reports, the plans are to be presented in the summer. It is unclear, however, whether this will be before the shareholders’ meeting on June 22 in Hanover.

power struggle is denied

Meanwhile dismissed the holding company Porsche SE VW major shareholder a report on a alleged power struggle back at Volkswagen. “There is and was no power struggle between the major shareholders at Volkswagen,” a spokesman for Porsche SE said Friday in Stuttgart. “The Porsche SE supports together with the two major shareholders of Lower Saxony and Qatar the Volkswagen Board of Management in managing the gas issue and the realignment of the Group.”

Earlier, the news magazine “Der Spiegel” reported that Porsche and Piëch families had prepared the disempowerment of Lower Saxony at VW. The country has 20 percent of the ordinary shares a veto on major decisions. The voting rights in Porsche SE are completely in the hands of the Porsche and Piëch families.

discussion about Dividend

Background is a debate on the payment of a dividend for the past financial year. The VW-tip had despite the billions of loads through the exhaust scandal decided nevertheless to pay a small dividend.

A control means, however, that the previously-voting preference shares in VW will vote if the carmaker for two consecutive years no dividend paid. The proportion of Lower Saxony would thus be almost halved, according to “mirror”, the veto would be gone.

In the VW supervisory board, representatives of the Porsche and Piëch families as well as two representatives of Qatar had voted that pay no dividend for 2015 becomes. but For certain the two representatives of Lower Saxony and the ten employee representatives. This was confirmed to the German Press Agency in group circles. But the reason was not planned disempowerment of Lower Saxony. Rather, the family had wanted to keep the money in the VW-checkout. The presentation of the magazine “mirror” is an “over-interpretation,” it said in the consolidated financial circles

In the video. This is the new man at the helm of Volkswagen

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