Monday, May 30, 2016

Human Rights: Oxfam criticized misnomer in supermarkets – ZEIT ONLINE

German supermarket chains relate fruit plantations, is where massive violation of human rights. This is the conclusion a report by the development organization Oxfam (PDF download), have been consulted for the 200 workers on plantations in Ecuador and Costa Rica. The violations were therefore determined on certified Rainforest Alliance plantations. The seal of the alliance is the most important sustainability certificate for bananas and pineapples.

Thus, the people are exposed at work to a large extent toxic pesticides. Among other things, that comes from the World Health Organization for acute toxicity classified oxamyl for use. In Ecuador, the plantation workers reported also that the products are applied during the work of Sprühflugzeugen. Many sufferers report disabilities, miscarriages and cancer in the vicinity of the plantations. In addition, they often suffer from dizziness, nausea, and skin allergies.

“The supermarkets control aspects of the imported fruits meticulously and give all supplies at least toggling back. But let it be understood that the people who harvest, poisoned it, “says Oxfam study author Franziska Humbert.

The work on the plantations is according to the report not only hazardous to health. Minimum wages are below, overtime not paid, labor rights violated. In order to maintain the conditions unions would systematically suppressed. Workers reported “black lists” with the names of trade unionists.

“The German supermarkets may their profits not continue at the expense of man and nature. You must finally enforce decent working conditions and a fair price,” says Humbert. The policy is called for. “The federal government must commit that their suppliers respect human and labor rights organization.”


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