Sunday, May 29, 2016

Greeks owe the state 87 billion euros in taxes –

Not even half of their due taxes to pay the Greeks currently to the state. The unpaid taxes add up to IMF calculations now to 87 billion euros -. Half of the economic output of the country

The tax increases in recent years have the financial problems of Greece not solved , Instead, the tax liability of citizens reached by calculations of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in 2015 set a record: 100 Euro unpaid taxes the Greeks paid to the state, therefore only still 45 euros. This value has declined continuously since the crisis began in 2010.

Overall, the Greeks owe their state therefore now about 87 billion euros in taxes. This corresponds to about half of Greek economic performance – last year the GDP of Greece was about 176 billion euros. In no other EU country, the tax liability of citizens and businesses in relation to economic output is nearly as high


The enormous tax bill is a report According to the Athens newspaper “Kathimerini” not only a consequence of the problem of tax evasion. To be Greek tax authorities in collecting the monies still inefficient. Also, many people have simply run out of money to pay their tax debts.

In addition, lately have mainly state officials requested the early transition into retirement to the planned pension cuts by the reform of the government of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras forestall. Approximately 40,000 pension applications had been received by the end of the number could still rise up to 80,000, the newspaper reported. The Greek government had negotiated a kind of grandfathering for existing pension payments in the negotiations with the creditors of the country. Pension cuts should therefore actually enter into force in the course of the coming years



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