Sunday, May 29, 2016

Greece: Treasury remains despite tax increases empty – Handelsblatt

Sandra Navidi for Greek bailout Therefore, Greece needs a haircut

Athens The Greeks owe their state currently around 87 billion euros in taxes. This is clear from surveys of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), as on Sunday the Athens daily “Kathimerini” reported. lately especially government officials

Around the same time, the early transition into retirement requested to join the planned pension cuts through the reform of government Tsipras earlier. 40,000 pension applications had been received, could by the end of the number still rise up to 80,000, wrote “Kathimerini”. The Greek government had negotiated a kind of grandfathering for existing pension payments in the negotiations with the creditors of the country. Pension cuts should therefore actually enter into force in the course of the coming years.

Greece debt crisis in figures

  • 305 100 000 000 EUR (160% of GDP)

  • EUR 16.9 billion (8.8% of GDP)

  • 320 500 000 000 EUR (178% of GDP)

  • 23.5 billion euros (13% of GDP)

  • 319 700 000 000 EUR (180% of GDP)

  • 6.5 billion Euro (3.6% of GDP)

  • 311 500 000 000 EUR (177% of GDP)

  • 12.8 billion euros (12.8% of GDP)

the amount of tax liability have other causes, it said in the report. In any case, it was a European record: 100 euros tax walkout the Greeks paid accordingly only 45 euros – a value of the continuously declining since the crisis began in 2010, although many taxes were increased

<. p> the vicious circle of tax liability is thus far not only due to tax evasion. To be Greek tax authorities in recovering remains inefficient. Also, many people have simply no more money to pay their tax debts.

87 billion euros correspond to about half of the current Greek economic output. The IMF wants to substantiate the numbers its position that Greece could not come back on its feet without a haircut, wrote “Kathimerini”. Such a section in which creditors lose some of their demands, it should not be, according to previous agreements.


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