Thursday, May 26, 2016

France: investigators have seat of McDonald’s searches – SPIEGEL ONLINE

Investigators French Finance Guard have searched the offices of the US company McDonald’s in Paris. The suspicion of tax fraud. The company is alleged to anticipate its profits in France small.

According to a report by the French financial newspaper “Les Echos”, the process goes back to allegations of an alleged fraud in the amount of 75 million euros annually. Profits in France to have been reduced in favor of European Headquarters in Luxembourg. In France brings higher taxes than in Luxembourg.

The investigators should have the offices searched in Paris already in the past week. Neither the prosecution nor the company took this position.

Due to similar allegations had searched Investigators on Tuesday offices of the US Internet company Google in Paris. This should be clarified whether Google Ireland Ltd. has a fixed establishment in France and whether the company had violated tax regulations, by failing to specify a part of its activities in France there.

“We adhere to French law and cooperate extensively with the authorities to to answer their questions, “let Google tell. The financial prosecutor reminded itself of the presumption of innocence.

tax payments of large companies have long been the view of European authorities. It the essential requirement is that sales in countries recognized that offer favorable tax conditions. Appropriate in-house financial flows are increasingly questioned in Europe.


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