Tuesday, May 31, 2016

EU Commission warns against banning Airbnb and Uber – tagesschau.de

The concept of sharing economy enjoys many consumers, but for example, taxi drivers and hotel operator curse over competitors like Uber and Airbnb. In Europe, the services were therefore partially already limited. The EU Commission wants to better protect such offers.

The European Commission wants to extreme financial constraints on the online holiday houses portal Airbnb and Mitfahrdienst Uber in the Member States prevent. The see new guidelines the Brussels authorities for so-called sharing economy before that Reuters had access.

This is warned of an exaggerated action against companies that mediate sharing personal property via the Internet , Any breach of these new services should be justified and proportionate. “Complete bans provide a last resort is that it should be applied only if the protection of public interest can not be achieved with less restrictive regulations,” reads the draft.

means Airbnb with its business model a powerful competitor for the hotel industry, Uber for the taxi industry. The Mitfahrdienst from California is struggling in many countries with legal hurdles and therefore had to partially restrict its range. Also Airbnb is in the crosshairs of criticism. Berlin about going since May strengthened against renting apartments to normal tourists, because the city administration considers thus rents are driven up and living space is lost.


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