Saturday, May 28, 2016

Cities in the East are catching up – THE WORLD

In East Germany, distinguished more clearly reveals major disparities between urban and rural areas from which is far more pronounced than in other regions of the country. While centers like Leipzig , Chemnitz, Erfurt and Weimar are gaining wealth and development prospects, large parts of the eastern states remain suspended.

These are the results of an analysis of the economic research institute Prognos. The Swiss Institute examined 402 cities and counties in Germany on prosperity and development perspectives and the results are summarized on the Germany map of Zukunftsatlas 2016th

What at first glance looks like a harmless Weather map, is actually a document that illustrates the cleavage of the Federal Republic: in the south, it turns orange and blue – the colors represent wealth and a prosperous future. In the eastern states, however, and parts of northern Germany are dominated by the cold black of the prospects.

An important driver of this development is the unbroken urge to major cities. The cities attract not only people, but also to economic strength and grow – with some exceptions – far more than rural areas

Responsible for the boom. in major cities are mainly young adults and the elderly. Because more and more young people to finish school and study, they are drawn to where the large universities, where life rages and where it seems easier to partners and to find a job after graduation.

Elderly pull meanwhile also in the cities; not only because there is often the children and grandchildren live, but because there suggests shorter distances: for shopping, good doctors to hospitals and to a more colorful Recreational

the counties in the commuter belts around the big cities, such as the Hochtaunuskreis in Frankfurt am Main or Esslingen near Stuttgart benefit from this development. The counties surrounding Munich include, for example, the regions with the highest population growth. More remote counties like Vorpommern or Uckermark However

deflate. “Peripheral rural regions lose massively population” warns Prognos expert Kaiser. “This is not only for large areas of East Germany, but also for regions such as southern Lower Saxony, the southern Eifel or Bavarian counties in the border area with the Czech Republic.”

In fact, grow big cities often at the expense of the surrounding rooms. Particularly impressive can this development in eastern Germany Track: Leipzig, for example one of the cities with the highest population growth – at the same time losing the neighboring counties and Saxony Nordsachsen rapidly residents. For the “Future Atlas” 29 indicators are put under the microscope, the information on the competitiveness and innovation, the economy and the labor market can provide. The demographic situation and the social situation are taken into account in the study. Leader in the Germany-wide comparison, the district Munich, the city of Munich and Ingolstadt.

The diagnosed by economists split the country into a prosperous country and suspended threatens in to intensify over the coming months with technological change still. The Prognos experts have studied with experts of the service index, where technology companies are based in Germany, where a particularly large number of automation experts, web designers and computer scientists are employed and where this country new jobs for such digital experts be created.

The results are sobering: in this country greatly digital literacy concentrates on just ten metropolitan regions. As they are best prepared according to the analysis of the digital structural change. So half of the ten regions of around 432,000 digital jobs that have been searched in the past year with job postings and digital job boards, emerged – although only less than a quarter of total employment in this country devoted to these cities and counties

professionals and digital expertise are so highly concentrated, while the digitization according to the authors does not arrive in the area. For businesses in less economically strong regions which is dangerous; Finally, they too must adapt their business models to rapid technological changes which affect large parts of the economy and threaten entire industries to sweep away.

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