Thursday, May 26, 2016

Billions idea: VW thinks about its own battery factory after – NEWS



 Thursday, 26 May 2016


 The auto industry is in the middle in the shift towards alternative fuels. Here but threaten job losses in the works that build about combustion engines. Volkswagen checks now seem to build its own battery factory.



To remove the electric mobility of the carmaker Volkswagen is considering the multi-billion dollar build its own battery factory. Such work could cost up to ten billion euros, it is from the group’s circles. One possible site is Salzgitter. Previously, the “Handelsblatt” reported, the VW management arching sentiment toward our company to be independent from Asian manufacturers.

A VW spokesman spoke of “speculation”, the company does not Comment. “Basically, we have brought the electric mobility in the middle of the group and built up extensive expertise.” Volkswagen has set itself the goal to become by 2018 the market leader in E-mobility. The works council chairman of Daimler, Volkswagen and BMW had repeatedly campaigned for a battery manufacturing in Germany. It is all about the production of battery cells. The cells are identified as key to the breakthrough of electric cars, because they limit the date range and make vehicles expensive. but Germany threatened here depends on are mainly from Asian manufacturers. In addition, the electric car pioneer Tesla builds in the US, together with Panasonic, the biggest cell production in the world, which should start 2017th Employee representatives also fear job losses in factories where components are built, which are no longer needed in the electric car era.

For Volkswagen it is about the future of the engine plant in Salzgitter, in the conventional drives built will. Council boss Bernd Osterloh warned in March, according to participants circles on a staff meeting, the work will provided by the change in drive technology “before a massive employment problem” in the next 10 to 15 years. The auto industry doubted so far on the profitability of such a battery cell production. Daimler had set his cell production in Kamenz, Saxony end, 2015. Only the battery systems themselves build German carmakers together.

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Volkswagen boss Herbert Diess had already called last November rethinking. “I think we need a battery manufacturing in Germany. This is the core technology of electric vehicles,” Diess had said. “A large part of the value will be the battery in the future. In this respect, I would find a concerted action properly.”

Volkswagen wants to expand massively as a consequence of the gas scandal electromobility. In 2025, the Group intends with its VW, Audi, Porsche & amp; Co. a million pure electric cars and hybrid cars for sale. Every tenth sold car would thus in the current situation a battery drive on board. The federal government had recently decided to purchase premiums for electric cars and hybrid vehicles in Germany.



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