Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Annual balance of Spotify: More users, greater loss – tagesschau.de

The music streaming service Spotify has increased its user base and its sales strongly – his loss in the past year, however. Nevertheless, those responsible believe in their business model. Investors and experts agree with them.

By Carsten Schmiester, ARD Studio Stockholm

2015 was in many ways been the best year for the company, which was founded in 2008 music streaming service Spotify from Sweden commented the financial statement presented now. 1.95 billion euros in sales – that’s 80 percent more than last year. In addition, 89 million users worldwide -. Which is 50 percent more than in 2014

Spotify now has 28 million subscribers who pay for the service to listen as any other music via the Internet , From the always faded in free advertising the paying customers are spared.

However, Spotify invested in a big way in the expansion of the company. This costs a lot of money and therefore the service has made in 2015 again loss. EUR 173 million, seven percent more than in 2014

Spotify is considered the driving force behind the radical transformation of the music industry through for online streaming and currently offers more than 30 million songs. Despite now great competition about by Apple management believes ans own business model, the “highly profitable” and that will yield substantial profits in the foreseeable future.

Experts see the apparently too. Spotify is indeed further controlled by two Swedish entrepreneurs, investors are different but joined to finance the expansion. One of these is the telecommunications company Telia in its IPO nearly a year ago, the valuation of Spotify became known: At that time, it was state 7.3 billion euros

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