Saturday, January 23, 2016

Volkswagen scandal in the news ticker: Insider: VW manager knew of exhaust … – ABC Online

Updated on Saturday, 01.23.2016, 16:18
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VW manipulated world measurement data with eleven million vehicles in Germany alone, the Group recalled 2.4 million diesel cars. The leadership of the group knew earlier than is known of the manipulation in the US

Insider: VW manager knew of the exhaust-tricks – and swore. Not to mention

Saturday, January 23, 2016, 11.57 clock: Of the exhaust manipulation of VW vehicles have reportedly significantly more managers know than previously known. In the department concerned it was no secret that VW in the emission tests by the authorities in the US and Europe as the only pollutant limits have seemingly able to comply, reported on Saturday “Süddeutsche Zeitung”, NDR and WDR. They referred to statements of an insider.

It is about a VW employee who allegedly against investigators of Braunschweig prosecutor testified the common search of the “SZ” and, according to NDR and WDR comprehensively. The “witness” was thus itself involved in manipulation. It claimed that almost all the gas problems involved executives in the VW engine development had known of the manipulation or were even involved in it.

“vow of silence” of other departments?

Compared to other departments within the Group, the parties have agreed on a “vow of silence”, the report said. The “witness” said accordingly however, he himself had later VW Brand Board Heinz Jakob Neusser informed then. This did, however, does not respond. We started with the manipulation accordingly in 2006.

The Volkswagen Group described the findings outlined against SZ, NDR and WDR as “pure speculation”, to which one does not wants to express. Reference was also made to the ongoing investigations. Officially intends to present internal investigation results at the shareholders’ meeting in April VW. Parallel go the procuratorial investigation continues, which should according to the report last but longer

In Video:. This is what happens now in the workshop with your VW

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