Friday, January 29, 2016

The anchor was his thing –

Waldachtal. Its plastic dowels and the “Fischertechnik” -Baukasten have made him known worldwide. For patents King Artur Fischer but that was no reason to embark on’s old part. Into old age he went almost every day in the which he founded Fischer plants in Waldachtal in the Black Forest. His office he had set up in the development center of the company, that is, grew up with his invention, the dowel. Now he has died at the age of 96 years.

He had his whole life “problems of his daily life in solutions transformed”, the European Patent Office honored once Fischer’s work and awarded him for his life’s work with the inventor price.

More than 1,100 patents and utility model applications go to Fischer’s account. That he has developed alongside the gray plastic anchors well-known also sync flash for cameras and screws for the healing of bone fractures, few know.

Researchers urge felt Artur Fischer at a young age. He always wanted something to tinker or assemble, he likes to tell. His famous art kit, can learn a lot about machines with the children, he invented itself as a Christmas present for anchor customers – the usual case of wine or the pens were too boring for him

Born Fischer am 31.Dezember1919. in Waldachtal-Tumlingen, there he lived until recently. He was down to earth, but anything but worlds away: “In the early years of the company I was so many times in the wide world that it meant a sacrifice for my family.” After high-school diploma and apprenticeship as the young man had to first in the Second World War. He survived Stalingrad and was in his own words more than once “millimeter sidestepped the death”.

After the war in a prison camp and he was raring to go. As a photographer his daughter could not photograph because it was too dark in the room, he developed the synchronous flash. This invention enabled him to his own company, which he built in his native Black Forest 1948th

Ten years later, he succeeded with the dowels the next coup. And he had even more ideas: Fischer also created steel anchors, drills and cement fortifications. . “His inventions are every day a million times around the world uses,” it says at the Patent Office

When he was asked about his 95th birthday if he still wants to invent something, Artur Fischer said: “This is in the stars. “With what he has achieved, he was quite satisfied. Last Wednesday, Fischer died at the age of 96 years with his family.


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