Monday, January 25, 2016

Social inequality: assets in Germany are increasingly unequal distribution – ZEIT ONLINE

The assets in Germany are increasingly unequally distributed. According to information from the Passauer Neue Presse the top ten percent of households had in 2013 about 51.9 per cent of net assets. In 1998, it had still been 45.1 percent. The newspaper cites presented by the Federal Ministry of Social Affairs figures on the distribution of wealth. The data to be included in the new Poverty and Wealth Report, which is expected to be published this year.

basis of the figures is the Income and Expenditure Survey, which is conducted every five years. Most recently, she had been raised in 2013. Thus possessed the bottom 50 percent of households in 2013 via a percentage of net assets in Germany, in 1998, there had still been 2.9 percent.

The Left Party in the Bundestag called for in view of the development of a reversal. “In Germany an enormous redistribution from the bottom up will take place, which can be clearly seen on the basis of official statistics. This development must be stopped,” said left-faction deputy Sabine Zimmermann. They called for a millionaire’s tax, in which the first million of assets remain tax-free. “Thereafter, a tax rate of five percent will be charged,” said the left-politician on.

Most recently, a study of Oxfam caused a stir, after which the 62 richest people in the world have as much as the poorer half of the world population.


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