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Plug fracture and electric shock – Südwestpresse

In the worst case threatens the users an electric shock. That’s why Apple calls its customers to convert numerous Power Plug Adapter. Affected are connector for iOS devices and Mac.

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Caution risk  of breakage: Some of these Power Plug Adapter from  Apple k & # XF6; can GeF # XE4; be annually  The manufacturer offers free replacement..

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Caution risk of breakage: Some of these power plug Adapter from Apple can be dangerous. The manufacturer offers free replacement.

The US company Apple recalled millions of AC plug adapters back. As the company has announced that the connection pins can be damaged at the affected connectors. It threatens for users in the worst case, the risk of electric shock. Here are the key questions and answers about the recall:

Which connectors are affected by the defect? It’s about plug adapters in Euro-plug format for power supplies from some iOS devices (iPads with 10- and 12-watt power supply) and Mac computers. They were delivered from 2003 to 2015th In addition to the European connector types including those for Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina and Brazil are affected. They were sold, among other things with the travel adapter set by the manufacturer.

How to recognize affected plug? The plug-on modules for the computer power supply and larger USB chargers wear on the inside of the junction a four- or five-digit number, some are not marked at. Revised contrast and thus secure, according to Apple connector wear a three-letter country code (eg EUR, KOR, OFF, or ARG BRA).

If the use of plug dangerous? Apple recommends that you stop using the affected connector. Users of iPads can change to the exchange on USB ports of computers or other USB chargers. Mac users can use the supplied extension cable with safety plug.

How do I get a new connector? This is done either through the Apple Store, the dealer or through an online form on Apple’s website. To these may be the serial number of the device and an Apple ID is required. Apple replaced the plugs voluntarily and free from.

If the power supply itself is also affected? No, according to Apple only on adapter with two plug-in contacts are affected. The power supply itself, and the supplied extension cable adapter with safety plug must not be replaced.

What’s with chargers for the iPhone? They are not affected by the current recall. For some older models since 2014 but there is a private exchange program because they can overheat due to other technical problems.


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