Wednesday, January 27, 2016

PayPal strongly, Ebay is weakening – Ex-daughter overhauled ex-mother –

Until a few months ago PayPal was the revenue driver in Ebay Group. After the demerger, the ex-daughter scores with strong quarterly results. Ebay device, however without the former success Bringer falling behind -. And on the stock market under pressure

It comes as it had already assumed many observers: Without PayPal Ebay is gradually coming to a halt. In the past three months is the profit from Ebay compared to the same period last year – so there still with PayPal – fell by more than half, to now only the equivalent of almost 440 million euros. Revenues stagnated – at around 2.1 billion euros

Something like that had the analysts expected though, nevertheless the Ebay shares gave way at times to more than ten percent.. Because the prospects for the future are not great: Amazon makes Ebay powerful competition and the strong dollar makes the revenue abroad shrivel in the books

PayPal contrast grew significantly.: Sales rose by 17 percent, the profit by as much as 27 percent. The company exceeds expectations – PayPal CEO Dan Schulman said his company was “in top form”. On the stock market as a company PayPal is significantly more valuable than Ebay -. And therefore completely stepped out of the shadow of the former parent company


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