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Lufthansa – More money for flight attendants – Frankfurter Rundschau

January 22, 2016

More strikes the flight attendants seem to be off the table. Photo: AP

The Lufthansa and its flight attendants agree on collective agreements for content and for pensions. Outstanding Issues to be negotiated in a conciliation to 30 June. Thus, the longest labor dispute going on in the history of Lufthansa finished

Frankfurt -.

The Statement of Nicoley Baublies comes screwed something technocratic therefore: It has succeeded, open questions “a solution mechanism supply” and to give employees planning security, the chief flight attendant union UFO. Behind this is a very big step to an agreement in one of the toughest labor disputes in the history of German aviation. Cabin staff against Lufthansa management.

It is still not everything in the bag. But Baublies’ statement makes it clear that both sides are now ready to negotiate a compromise. That looked a long time quite different

One thing is certain, for the flight attendants, there is more money. First, there is a one-time payment of 3,000 euros for the past year and backdated to 1 January and up the end of September as a surcharge of 2.2 percent. Also in the complex matter of occupational pensions for cabin crews a consensus was reached. An agreement has already been signed, shares the Lufthansa with, but does not provide details. However, there is still contentious details. To be negotiated up to 15 February. If there is no agreement, these issues are discussed in a conciliation procedure on. It should also be discussed how to proceed on October 1st with payment. As umpire shall act the former Brandenburg Prime Minister Matthias Platzeck (SPD). His mandate runs until 30 June. As long as the cabin crew member may also not strike

. 500,000 passengers affected

In a kind of parallel action will also be talked about, as it should be ordered in the future to the flight attendants in the face of the new Lufthansa’s strategy. Germany’s largest airline has shared with the beginning of the year de facto into two companies. In a European budget airlines, the Euro Wings and is intended to make Ryanair and Easyjet competition. Besides there is still the blue-yellow Lufthansa Classic, which wants to succeed, especially on the long haul. The low-cost principle only works if the flight attendants earn less than their colleagues of Nobel department – that also the UFO people consulted. But Baublies and his colleagues want to reach inside, that there may be opportunities for advancement along with salary increases for cabin workers – Euro Wings of the blue and yellow. About working conditions in the low-cost segment and the conditions for the replacement within the Lufthansa Group Discussions have already begun – to accompany the settlement. Thus Lufthansa.

There is a total of around 19,000 employees. The vast majority of them went on strike in November for a week. It was the longest strike in the history of Lufthansa. Some 500,000 passengers were affected by flight cancellations. “We are very pleased that we are beginning the conciliation and working towards a common goal,” said Lufthansa Executive Board member Bettina Volkens.

management and union have for the time of the conciliation procedure a strict vow of silence stored. This is extremely important Platzeck: “The motto is: finishing and silence.” With this principle he was last year very successfully together with Prime Minister of Thuringia Bodo Ramelow (Left). The two managed to rooms as arbitrator in extremely muddled conflict about the drivers of Deutsche Bahn into a collective agreement.

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