Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Lufthansa cooperates with drone manufacturers DJI – SPIEGEL ONLINE

The Lufthansa wants to enter into business with drones. For this purpose, the Company agreed a partnership with the world leader DJI from China. This should be explored new applications for large customers, said the Lufthansa chart show with.

DJI deliver The devices, which are then revised by the Lufthansa subsidiary Aerial Services for commercial use. The Frankfurt Group later take over the operation. For the first time used the drones came during the inspection of wind turbines. “For us it was a test to see if there are customers,” said a Lufthansa spokeswoman. Other possible fields of application would be the review of pipelines or the survey of construction sites. By the end of the year will decide whether the airline go into the Drones business.

The Lufthansa is looking for new sources of revenue, as the flight-core business is under pressure. Operation of drones is just one idea of ​​many. According to statements by CEO Carsten Spohr, Lufthansa is predestined due to the Group’s own flying school to train pilots drones. Concrete plans are not yet available but.

Through the use of drones not only new business opportunities are possible, even airlines themselves can thus reduce their costs. Easyjet chart show about sets the remote-controlled aircraft parading for inspection of its passenger jets

According to experts, the drone industry is facing a rapid growth. The annual turnover is expected to 6.4 billion dollars in 2014 to 11.5 billion doubling Dollar middle of the next decade, estimates the market research firm Teal. A good ten percent of which will be for non-military drones.

DJI annual growth since its founding in 2006 by five times. After an office in Frankfurt, the Chinese last year opened at the airport of the Main metropolis also one of the first shops. The company controls claims to 70 percent of the world market for drones. Meanwhile, the 4000 employee strong company is valued at eight billion dollars.


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