Thursday, January 28, 2016

Hassan Ruhani: Iran closes contracts with French companies – ZEIT ONLINE

After completing the nuclear agreement and the end of sanctions, Iran has begun to revive the economic relations with Europe. In a state visit to France by the Iranian President Hassan Ruhani signed companies and officials from both countries 20 agreements and treaties. But the airline Iran Air bought 118 Passierflugzeuge the company Airbus for the price of 22.8 billion euros.

Notwithstanding the shops remembered Francois Hollande Iran to its obligations under the international nuclear agreements. The course must be clearly maintained, Hollande said after the meeting with Ruhani. “Every country has to meet its obligations, which applies to all sides.” The French head of state also said that he had discussed with his Iranian counterpart on human rights. “We talked about everything,” Hollande said.

Ruhani said he wanted the positive atmosphere after use the nuclear deal for a new beginning. His visit to Paris he described as “an important first step for the start of a new era with the EU and France”. Iran is convinced that this could succeed. Ruhani had previously shot down with a delegation in Italy and had there contracts.

“We should all act together and quickly and consistently,” said Ruhani and warned new terrorist attacks and other refugees. In the fight against terrorism, Iran and France an historic commitment, the threat posed by the terrorist militia “Islamic State” (IS) have from the perspective Ruhanis to fight together.

Overlooking the upcoming Syria talks Hollande said that the negotiations were urgently needed in order to provide humanitarian aid to and to create a political transition. However Ruhani assured again the rejected by France and much of the international community the Syrian ruler Bashar al-Assad’s support. Terrorism had its origin not in a person but in the IS-militia Ruhani said.

France’s Prime Minister Manuel Valls had previously referred to the historical ties of his country to Iran. “Thanks to the nuclear agreement we can open a new chapter,” he said. Valls emphasized that “Iran can count on France.” Here, a climate of trust in the region is necessary for a new development.

After talks in Paris a total of 20 contracts have been agreed. Among other things, the oil company Total signed an agreement on crude oil deliveries to the National Iranian Oil Company. The French automaker PSA Peugeot Citroen announced his return to Iran. Khodro In a joint venture with the Iranian manufacturer Iran he wants 208 in 2008 and 301 produce the Peugeot models and market. In the next five years, up to 400 million euros will be invested.

railway companies of both countries signed an agreement for cooperation in the modernization and operation of stations in Iran. Other agreements related to the sectors shipping, airports, health and agriculture. All contracts together are worth about 30 billion euros.


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