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Hans im Glück loses 12 branches – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Hans in birch grove “made.”: This is what the modern burger restaurants of “Hans im Glück “.


Hans exchanges and returns, exchanges and are – until he no longer owns. Yet Hans is happy at the end. As far as the tales of the Brothers Grimm. In real life, “Hans im Glück” a fast-food chain, converting the millions of burgers, with branches to the trendy corner of the country:. Berlin, Hamburg, Munich


Happy Days are the company did not before, soon it could a few million euros be less. One of the biggest franchisee of “Hans im Glück”, Patrick Young is jumped. At a stroke, losing the chain of twelve 43 restaurants, mainly in the north of Germany.

Who announced the existing contract, has not been clarified. A spokeswoman for “Hans im Glück” tells about the reasons of the end of cooperation Handelsblatt that franchisees boy repeatedly arbitrarily changed the product range and unlawfully the brand “Lucky Hans” have used for promotional activities. Again and again he had been warned, other franchisees have complained about boy.

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But the loss of branches is not the only problem for “Hans im Glueck”. The previous franchisee Young intends to continue its Burger restaurants: just under a different name and with some other products. Thus, the fast food chain would not only about a quarter of its stores less, but also a new competitor on the burger market.

                                                                                                                                                                               salts - Burger
                                      Unlike Burger King: Hans was in luck primarily known for its high quality Hamburger .



In recent years, an increasing number of burger restaurants are in the major German cities have been opened – to the displeasure of the top dogs McDonald’s and Burger King, had to report the loss of sales. Unlike them, the new eateries focus on visually appealing dishes and a craft individual charm in its stores. Also, the products are much more expensive. One have McDonald’s and “Hans im Glück” but in common: very profitable, strictly speaking are both classical system Gastronomien who serve at each of its locations, the same fries and the same burger

Obviously, the business with premium burgers. , Each year about 2.2 million euros are to be implemented in an “Hans-in-Luck” restaurant. In addition to about seven percent revenue share in a franchisee needs 40,000 Euro entry fee “Hans-in-Luck” pay to.

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