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Despite record profits: growth from Apple comes to a standstill – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

More and more of the former image of trendsetter away: Apple buyers in September in Beijing

There are actually fantastic figures: Nearly $ 76 billion in sales, $ 18.4 billion net profit, 74.8 million iPhones sold, all in one single quarter and all record numbers for the US electronics giant Apple. Yet the numbers are a serious damper on the high-flyer in recent years, which is rated in the stock market as high as any other company. Because the sales figures for the iPhone have grown by less than one percent and thus as little as never before since the introduction of the device in 2007, and also sales and profits were only slightly above last year’s figures. Even more disturbing: For the coming quarter, Apple says even ahead of a dramatic decline in sales in the Group as a whole by up to 14 percent. It would be the first decline in sales since 2003. Apple has indeed in the past with his predictions sometimes tiefgestapelt. In just the past quarter, but that was not the case.

Roland Lindner Author:. Roland Lindner, economics correspondent in New York

Apple presents itself thus in a very different shape than a year ago. At the time, Apple had reported a sales growth of 30 percent. The slowdown has to do with that released in September new smartphone models iPhone and iPhone 6S 6S Plus were no radical development, unlike the previous versions, which Apple bestowed a growth spurt. In this respect, Apple is a little way become a victim of its own success.

The Group may also not compensate the low growth of the iPhone with other products. So were the sales of the tablet computer iPad once more, and the paragraphs of the Macintosh personal computer were different this time in previous quarters, declining. Revenues for the introduced last year computer clock Apple Watch, meanwhile, keep within limits. Apple does not report separate figures for the unit, but it combines with other products such as the television receiver Apple TV and the iPod music player. The combined sales of these products was 4.4 billion dollars, so that only about 6 percent of Group sales. In contrast, the iPhone alone for 68 percent.

Apple CEO Tim Cook is trying to put the numbers in a conference call in a positive light. He said the results were “a huge achievement,” and the iPhone paragraphs are an “incredible number”. Apple observe an economic slowdown in many major markets, and given the numbers were “impressive”. Adjusted for currency effects, sales have also increased by 8 percent.

The concerns about the iPhone Apple have slowed down in recent years on the stock exchange. While Apple is still the most significant companies in the world, but the projection on the holding company Alphabet to the Internet giant Google has melted. The Alphabet share price has risen by almost a third in the past twelve months, the Apple stock, however, has lost more than 10 percent of its value. On Tuesday in after-hours trading, she noted initially slightly down.

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