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Artur Fischer of Fischer plugs: Farewell to Daniel anchor engines – SPIEGEL ONLINE

About his desk always circled solar powered airplane game on a thread. Because Artur Fischer had fliers actually want to be. “I have my mother always said. I want to fly Fly lot, she said then, we have together brought boards, a board on the ground, a vertical, then a hole in front, a crank with a propeller from a roof batten She said..: Let’s go, now we fly. “

Fly is to make the severity easily. And that’s why the inventor Artur Fischer was a flyer, one of the best that this country has produced. He has thought up, the modern wall plugs, the modular system Fischertechnik and more than a thousand other inventions and the facilitation flashcubes. What Bill Gates was for the home computer, was Artur Fischer, son of a village tailor, for the handyman. On Wednesday, he died in his birthplace Tumlingen in the Black Forest, at the age of 96 years.

The problem of stone and screw the incompatibility of two materials. The metal thread requires elastic, the masonry, however, is brittle. Until that Saturday in 1958 Tumlingen screws were fixed in holes with wooden wedges or hemp-filled aluminum sleeves. But now there was the polyamide “Nylon”, a material of reliable strength, yet yields readily to pressure. It put them in nylon stockings and the parachute silk of the Allies.

“He needs a tip, and he needs the column so that the dowel spreads open when one pushes something. The teeth, so that it does in hard or soft can festbeißen material. The hole inside is conical. If now the screw is screwed in, it locks on the beak and jammed firmly in the hole. I later the two locking tabs on the side additionally attached. If the hole is slightly larger, can be stop turning the anchor during assembly “

It may be assumed that there is little walls in Germany, where not somewhere a Fischer plugs sitting -. tight. The Fischer-Werke domiciled still in Waldachtal-Tumlingen. They are led by Artur Fischer’s son and heir Klaus and had a turnover of 661 million euros last year. The company supplies the automotive industry with glove boxes or ashtrays, all made of plastic.

“That was fucking times”

In order to finally be able to really fly, had Artur Fischer is reported to the Wehrmacht. But he was 1.66 meters too small, too short-sighted as he was, and he had no high school diploma. So he came right after the outbreak of war as a mechanic for Jagdgeschwader 52 according Laugh Speyerdorf in der Pfalz. Christmas 1939 was announced for lunch a visit to the air force general Sperrle. It should come a special train. It was a code name, behind which Adolf Hitler hid. Fischer gave him a model airplane. I had the plane for my mother crafted, as a Christmas present. Then the commander told me, I was the best mechanic, and I should give it to Hitler. That was damn time. I was just only 19 years old. “

1943 Fischer escaped with the last aircraft to the Stalingrad. After the war he began to tinker from grenades and cartridges other war scrap electric lighters and loom switch. The breakthrough as an entrepreneur came when fishermen wanted to take a picture of his newborn daughter: “At that time there was for interior shots only this powder flash, which you had to make to ignite with a cord that was dangerous and gave no good pictures, because all in shock. usually the eyes closed. I have only built a light reflector and then remembered my electric detonators. ”

Take the severity easy and keep things light make

Fischers Patent “magnesium flash unit for cameras” was purchased by Agfa and brought to market. The Germans took pictures the economic miracle with fisherman flash techniques. From the one-man workshop in Tumlingen the company “Artur Fischer Apparatus”. Was invented

After the dowel Artur Fischer has mainly children’s toys. Colorful Knubbel potato starch for crafting (“fischerTiP”). Or the modular system “fischertechnik”, a kind of Lego for future graduate engineers. It was so high that the company it paid initially: The stones kept forever.

you can not find what you did not, but that with which you played,” Artur Fischer said at the meeting in Tumlingen, a year ago. Perhaps true inventor actually want only one thing: playing. Take the gravity slightly and make things easy.

As with the fly.


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