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There are only 1,599,800,724 Euro: Briton wants to save Greeks via crowdfunding – n-tv.de NEWS


 Tuesday, June 30, 2015


 Because he “bored” is of contending politicians, taking a 29-year-old Briton, the rescue of Greece into their own hands. Every European should contribute only a few euros to zusammenzubekommen the necessary billion.



The Europeans are – perhaps with the exception of politicians like Angela Merkel – generous, Thom Feeney is safe. That’s why he do not trust to even more to the people than the governments to rescue the heavily indebted Greece from bankruptcy. The political wrangling will now “boring”. “Why do we bring, the people who do not instead alright?”, The shoe salesman from York wrote on the crowdfunding platform IndiGoGo. He has launched an appeal for donations, with which he wants to collect 1.6 billion euros for Greece.

If any of the 503 million Europeans the equivalent of a “salad with feta cheese and olives” donation, the sum would easily together says Thom Feeney. Until Tuesday afternoon, more than 13,000 people have already donated a total of almost 200,000 euros. For the rest of the good 1,600,800 euros he has set a deadline of one week.

He could understand if some thought the project was a joke, says Feeney, “but crowdfunding can really help.” If he does not reach its destination within seven days, he’ll be back remit all donations received through IndieGoGo again, announces the 29-year-old. . Feeney himself has no links to Greece according to its own information

Should the project be successful, it is for donors and rewards: Depending on the height of the donated sum they can, on a postcard by Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras a feta and olive salad or even happy a Greek holiday for two. Originally Feeney offered even to a Greek island for those who wished to donate the entire sum of EUR 1.5 billion at a time. Under pressure from IndieGoGo the 29-year-old took this offer but returned because the Greek Government had not agreed.

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So how exactly the rescue in the event is to run a successful fundraising campaign, Feeney knows itself not. “We promise that all income will go to the Greek people,” he writes. Also that with 1.6 billion euros paid just the last monthly installment from the IMF, the total debt of Greece more than 300 billion but hardly could be facilitated considerably, Feeney does not enter.

With the Greek He has also not spoken directly to its own statements, government. But there were rumors that Prime Minister Alexiss Tsipras wants to get in touch with him, reported Feeney

Personally, the idea for the initiator seems to be paying anyway. “When I woke up this morning, I had with Facebook friend requests from 30 Greek women. “

  Source: n-tv.de


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