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Tsipras is considering a referendum – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung



          The negotiations for financial assistance in the hands of the Prime Minister, says Alexis Tsipras.



The Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras expects an agreement in principle on debt dispute until May 9 Even if it continues differences with creditors give a labor market reform and the VAT increase to Athens located in final negotiations, he said in a television interview. A collapse of his country, he strapped lot of money.


The aim of his government be it, “if possible to achieve a first agreement this week or next week at the latest,” Tsipras told the Greek broadcaster Star TV, adding: “. I think we’re close,” a concession to creditor is about the sale or lease of state property – these included the important port in Piraeus (what the Chinese are interested in) and some regional airports (what the German airport operator Fraport has interest). If donors insist on the view of his government to severe cuts, but he must let the people vote on it, Tsipras said. But he considered unlikely that happen. He concluded elections, however, explicitly.


That Tsipras right now brings a referendum on the austerity plan into play, just might be a signal to the radical left of his own SYRIZA party that rejects any concessions to the other euro countries and more than 30 of the more than 140 SYRIZA parliamentary seats features. For the Greeks as a whole, it seems, must be getting sick of confrontation with the donors. One in the Sunday newspaper Proto Thema just published opinion poll found that more than half of the Greeks are unhappy with the tough attitude of the government towards the partner countries -. She should rather even agree to a compromise if the creditors reject important Greek demands


In addition, eager to keep after a Kappa survey almost 73 percent of Greeks the euro – membership in the monetary union would be very unsafe if Greece is running out of money. “The Greek people is absolutely clear about the fact that it wants to stay in the euro, come what may,” the Athens Economics and Law Professor Aristides Hatzis told the Bloomberg news agency. “The Greeks understood that this will require hard compromises, and even austerity.”


To make outwardly demonstrate that the Greek government (now) is serious, the reforms should be made equal to laws. A similar step was currently being prepared, the Greek Finance Ministry said on Monday evening. To include this step reforms in fiscal and taxation law, changes in the administrative structures, television licenses and taxes
on television advertising.


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On Monday gave a new confidence in the debt dispute that Tsipras his controversial abroad Finance Minister Yannis Varoufakis partially has disempowered. Tsipras replaced the chief negotiator of the Greek delegation to the donors – former negotiator Giorgos Chouliarakis replaced Nikos Theocharakis, a confidant of Varoufakis. Chouliarakis was already during the previous government in the negotiations and thereby to donor confidence enjoy.


In addition, the young head of government convened a working group to look after the political negotiations with the creditors in the future. Here, too, a shift of power implies: It is coordinated by Deputy Foreign Minister Euclid Tsakalotos, not Varoufakis


reported on the financial Greek government bonds during the day significant gains, and the German DAX index defaults to rotate from a slightly negative into positive, eventually closing even 2 percent higher than the previous trading day ahead.



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Crisis in Greece

Tsipras is considering a referendum


Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras expects an agreement in principle on debt dispute until May 9 If the creditor to demand severe cuts, he could take a vote the people – a threat that is addressed not only to the outside.

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