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 Tuesday, April 28, 2015


 m trial against five current and former top executive of Deutsche Bank, the defender of the accused denied the charges. But she did not leave it there: The prosecutor also still gets off their fat


The co-head of Deutsche Bank, Jürgen Fitschen has strongly rejected the charges against him charges of fraud process. He will make it clear during the process that the accusations against his client “without exception are unfounded”, the co-defendant said his lawyer Hanns figs before the regional court Munich I. Also criticized the indictment and accused the prosecutor the right to follow a failed thesis.

Fitschen and four co-defendants – including former German bank boss Rolf Breuer and Josef Ackermann – are charged in connection with a civil proceeding for bankruptcy by media mogul Leo Kirch in 2002. The prosecution accuses them a case of serious attempted process fraud before, because they are said to have arranged for the above-year process to false statements.

Fitschen defender figs, which also Bayern Munich’s former president Uli Hoeness at whose control process defended said, the central allegation of the indictment was “the misguided thesis”, the German bank has a mandate to restructure the standing then close to bankruptcy Kirch Group wanted the beginning of 2002. “To say it in one sentence, this thesis is simply wrong”, figs.

This was also told the prosecutor recognized after they have seized new evidence during a search in March last year. After the competent senior public prosecutor have created yourself a note according to which the German bank would not have been sad if Kirch would have rejected an advisory mandate.

figs said, the prosecution would have the procedure then actually have to adjust. He accused the prosecution to have the defenders only a few weeks and so informed too late to prevent the process of this exculpatory material. Figs commented further that he had “massive doubts” as to the objectivity of the authority, which is why Fitschen will only answer questions from the Court, but not the public prosecutor in the process.

Breuer manifests itself later

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Also, the defenders of the other defendants denied the allegations of the prosecution. The defender of ex-Fed Chairman Breuer, Thomas Sharp, said, “the German bank wanted to have 2002, no mandate of Mr Kirch or force”. The alleged procedural fraud does not exist. Breuer, who is said to have the Kirch bankruptcy triggered according to the Civil Procedure with expressed in an interview doubts about the creditworthiness of the media mogul, had it not skillfully. Had “gone bankrupt long ago” have been at the time of the interview church.

Breuer wants to loudly voice his defenders at a later stage of the first 16 days of the trial until September terminated proceedings. The defender of Ackermann, Eberhard Kempf, said the prosecution had “with malicious intent” only time related meetings to an alleged facts chain together. The resulting story THAT CONDITION taken “a poor economic crime”. Kempf said, “there was not a conspiracy between the defendants nor about the definition of a strategy to process fraud.” Therefore, the five defendants were acquitted at the end of the process.

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