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Study of the DIHK – Many companies are dissatisfied with bachelor’s graduates – Sü

  • More than half of the companies, according to a survey by the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (DIHK) dissatisfied with the performance of Bachelor graduates.
  • Many companies want a more practical orientation of study programs.
  • GCIC President Eric Schweitzer speaks of “Überakademisierung”.

satisfaction with bachelor’s graduates drops

The German economy is becoming increasingly dissatisfied with bachelor’s graduates. In a survey of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHK) reported only 47 percent of companies that professionals meet with this degree their expectations. 2007, there were still 67 and 2011 or 63 percent of all companies have been satisfied with the graduates.

For the survey, 2,000 companies were surveyed. In particular, small companies, as well as the tourism industry and service companies such as health care providers are therefore disappointed by the capabilities of the bachelor’s degree graduates. Approximately one in three companies from these sectors wants a stronger practical orientation of study programs.

“We suffer from a Überakademisierung”

GCIC President Eric Schweitzer asked to draw from these results consequences. “The number of students admitted can not rise limitless. I’m even sure it to tighten again,” Schweitzer said the World .

First, the drop-out rate among first-year students was almost 30 percent way to high. Second, the boom go in student numbers at the expense of dual vocational training. “We suffer from a Überakademisierung,” Schweitzer said. “Universities need with reasonable licensing restrictions, which may be based not only on high school grades, find suitable candidates for the right subjects.”

About the ever-younger Bachelor graduates or young professionals Schweitzer said: “I can already imagine that the growing dissatisfaction related to the undergraduate candidates with the declining age of graduates. ” A little experience and no pity horizon safe. “You can see that the fact that the companies are very satisfied with the Master graduates. See 78 percent of their expectations they met. 2011 There were only 65 percent.

Education Bachelor, Master , PhD – Tips for Life at the University

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