Thursday, April 30, 2015

+++ Railway strike in the live ticker +++: railway tariff proposal rejected: GDL threatened … – ABC Online

Updated on Thursday, 30.04.2015, 21:51
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For months negotiating track and the union representing train drivers over collective agreements. The GDL aims to own collective agreements for their members in the train crew. The strikes have this night ended, but effects persist

  • The aim of the union:. Own collective agreements for train crew and five percent more money
  • Trefffen of DB CHRO Weber and GDL boss Weselsky
  • web offers new offer to

21.51 Clock: The train drivers’ union GDL rejects the new tariff offer by Deutsche Bahn and threatened with new strikes. In a statement issued on the GDL Homepage opinion, the proposals of the railway were called “impudence”. The train crew did pressure and called for a long strike. “Well – this time it is really long,” it said verbatim in the GDL-assessment. In the union on Thursday night there was no one initially reached

New listing for EVG

13.54 clock. Even the EDC put the train on Wednesday a new Tariff offer a gradual salary increase by 4.7 percent. According to the union but it is not an essential element of its claims: The Group therefore intends to conclude collective agreements with different maturities. For employees in the service sector of the contract should complete four months longer than for the remaining employees. The EVG refuses. . Whether the offer contains the GDL a similar passage, was on Thursday initially unknown

ECG does not rule out strikes

Thursday, April 30, 09.44 Clock: The EVG concluded in turn strikes expressly not made. The occasion was a new offer for the railway service and security forces: in two stages with a term of 29 months, as the union announced 4.7 percent more money. The TOE calls 6 percent, at least 150 euros. She criticized the Bahn offer different terms for different occupational groups. In the next round of negotiations on 12 May the train must make improvements.

train sets new offer

Wednesday, April 29, 2015, 23.30 clock: In the wage dispute with the train drivers’ union GDL German Rail has submitted a new offer , Under the proposal, the wages are expected to rise from 1st July in two steps by a total of 4.7 percent, as the railway announced in Frankfurt late on Wednesday. In addition a one-off payment of a total of 1000 euros to 30 June. “Our offer is nearly as high as for instance the conclusion of the public service,” said DB CHRO Ulrich Weber in a statement. He had met in the afternoon with GDL chief Claus Weselsky.

The union demands for employees five percent more money and one hour less work per week. The GDL had last strike in the past week in the passenger and freight transport. The sticking point in collective bargaining provides the GDL in the classification of the tariff structure Lokrangierführer train. The company criticized the train drivers union had substantial concessions to the tariff structure withdrawn at the meeting again. “What does the GDL, would our employees and the company German Railways harm,” said Weber.

train drivers’ union for strike action in the critical

Monday, April 27, 2015, 8.50 Clock: that the path with is the behavior of the train drivers’ union in wage dispute dissatisfied, not surprised. But now it must put up with the Federation of Trade Unions criticism even. In labor dispute by train the train drivers’ union GDL fierce criticism must continue to suffer. The head of the German Trade Union Federation (DGB) Reiner Hoffmann, expressed on Sunday in Germany radio blankly. “I do not understand that the negotiations were broken off last week that it is now on strike again,” said the DGB chairman. That is not a lot of solidarity. Enforce

It basically makes no sense that individual occupational groups were trying to individual interests at the expense of the overall workforce. If the unions could agree to jointly pursue their goals, all employees would have won. The recent strike by train drivers had affected last week millions of rail travelers.

The German railway called the GDL on to reconsider their opposition to an arbitration. “We have to do with the GDL back to the negotiating table and an objective inventory. That is why we are also more open to a settlement.”

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