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Power struggle at Volkswagen: Industry experts warn of uncertainty … – tagesspiegel

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The power struggle at the top VW unsettled According to analysts, investors and employees. You expect clear statements on the planned general meeting on 5 May.

Aktionaersschuetzer and industry experts warn of massive uncertainty in a prolonged power struggle at the VW-tip. The total yet been spoiled by success carmaker must be careful not to lose his capital for smaller shareholders, but also with many employees, the President of the German Association for the Protection Securities (DSW), Ulrich Hocker said. “It is clear that now not just 600 000 people once hold your breath. Of course you can see an uncertainty. “With regard to the planned for May 5 general meeting of Europe’s largest automaker stressed stool, shareholders also hoped that supervisory board chairman Ferdinand Piëch clarity about its motives for the attack on CEO Winterkorn.

“This will be certainly one of the most important issues there at all. Only six words of indiscretion is not enough. “Stool was referring to an interview Piëch’s statement in the” mirror “. His statement “I am to distance Winterkorn” had triggered a heated debate about the future Winterkorn two weeks ago.

The development of the stock reflects the uncertainty

The resulting uncertainty was reflected also in the development of VW’s preferred shares whose prices have since lost its value. On Friday also reported the “mirror” Piëch is coming under Druk. He was no longer acceptable as chairman of the VW Group, said several members of the 20-member Supervisory Board. From the perspective of industry experts Stefan Bratzel the dispute over the leadership should be stopped quickly at VW. “The VW group may be a power struggle not afford long if you do not want to fall behind the competition,” Bratzel, director of the Center of Automotive Management in Bergisch Gladbach told dpa. Volkswagen has developed over the past ten years an enormous power and stand for the industry despite some weaknesses still doing very well. “By the power struggle of the enormous success of the erstwhile duo Winterkorn and Piëch be a piece discredited far.” Volkswagen had to once again fully concentrate on the content urgent tasks and problems. As soon as a clarification of the question was necessary, who will lead the group in the “20s”, where waited many new challenges related to the networking of the vehicle, autonomous driving, alternative fuels and new business models.


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