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Piëch has to insert a second heavy defeat – THE WORLD

It was a short but violent storm that swept over Wolfsburg on Thursday, Salzburg and Stuttgart since. At 12.07 clock ran the Breaking News, Volkswagen Supervisory Board Chairman Ferdinand Piech work continues on the lintel of CEO Martin Winterkorn. Two hours later, a call in Salzburg, the home of the VW Piëch and Porsche families. It Ferdinand Piëch the “world” says: “I do not operate the replacement of Martin Winterkorn.”

Crucial is the rate charged by the VW Patriarch afterwards pushed. “Mr. Winterkorn and I have argued last week. We agreed to continue our cooperation.” So Piëch is doing what he wanted to avoid, according to participants of the board meeting last Thursday sure: He speaks Winterkorn be trustworthy, and he puts his disempowerment plans from final. . At least officially

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He has the CEO to the previously gone on distance, which he so had fair game strengthened unexpectedly. For Piëch that means after the vote defeat in the Cause Winterkorn Bureau of the Supervisory Board a second heavy defeat. By now, Ferdinand Piëch is seriously injured.

How did the difficult situation?

The storm had Wednesday night already concocted. Since people familiar with the operations had the “world” entrusted supervisory board chairman Ferdinand Piëch plan to continue the disempowerment Martin Winterkorn. Up to the Supervisory Board meeting on May 4 – and thus also from the following Annual General Meeting on May 5 – wanted the VW patriarch pave the way for a change at the top Board

” Piëch wants to convince the first step, the family that Winterkorn not the right person as chief executive is, “it said in the context of company and owner-families. “He is now approached the family members, especially the Porsche to explore alternatives to individual meetings Winterkorn.” The information has been confirmed in the field of Volkswagen.

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According to reports, Piëch tried either Porsche CEO Matthias Mueller or Skoda CEO Winfried Vahland as possible enforce successor. “Miller would be to give the Porsches only because he can be considered as one of their chief of Porsche AG,” it said. The Porsche family should have advised Wednesday night in a family meeting in Stuttgart on the advance Piëch. The outcome of the talks is not known.

Piëch was from the rest of the Supervisory Board overruled

Piëch had before just 14 days with the quote “I am to distance Winterkorn” averted by the Board Boss. However, despite the public attack Winterkorn remained as VW boss in office. In an emergency meeting of the Supervisory Bureau last Thursday in Salzburg Piëch was overruled by a vote of all the members of the Panel.

The bitter defeat, especially but the subsequent press release and the fact that details of the meeting were scattered in the press should have Piëch further applied and further spurred his fighting spirit. The Bureau had noted Winterkorn was the “best” CEO. The influential committee will propose to the Supervisory Board also to extend Winterkorn’s contract at its February meeting next year. Piëch was isolated.

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This was the VW -Patriarch allegedly not leave this lying down. “With the family in the back, he seeks to enforce a decision of the cause Winterkorn in his spirit. When the Piëch and Porsche were united as a key owner, it will also be possible to pull the state of Lower Saxony and the investor Qatar on his side, is Piëch calculus, “said one insider.

Qatar had shown himself baffled by the attack Piëch against Winterkorn, Prime Minister of Lower Stephan Weil (SPD) had Winterkorn demonstratively the confidence expressed. But these resistors think I can overcome Piëch, it said. Then it came to the crucial vote on the Supervisory Board of Winterkorn – and with the voices of employers as well as its double voice of the chairman of the board could vote on the employee side with eleven to ten. Group Works Council chief Bernd Osterloh had left no doubt about the solidarity towards Winterkorn.

Piëch supporters had tried to turn the mood

But who knows Piëch, know that the hit is not as fast. The Piëch supporters had tried several times in the past few days to turn the mood in the media in favor of the Chairman. So was former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder Ferdinand Piëch in the “Bild” newspaper strengthened demonstratively the back: “The Supervisory Board of Volkswagen would make a big mistake if he was going to move away from its supervisory board chairman Ferdinand Piëch,” Schroeder was a quote. ” / p>

On Thursday then referred the “Handelsblatt” in a show of solidarity of the influential manager Klaus Liesen. He is said to have the “image” newspaper said that “Success is the VW Group and his promotion to the top flight of the international automotive industry unimaginable without Ferdinand Piëch”. Ran is the honorary chairman of the VW supervisory board and Piëch’s predecessor. However, there is Affected by citation in Thursday’s edition of the newspaper “Bild”.

Two possible explanations for the Piëch-tangle

For the current back and forth, until the message Piëch exaggerating the dismantling of winter grain ahead, then the denial, there are two explanations. First, the denial is not the whole truth, there were discussions with the Porsches and as the transpired backpedaled you. This is a theoretical possibility, evidence is there none.

Explanation two would be that you have made Piëch a trap. It could be that alleged conversations were launched by him in the media, though it never existed. In this case, Piëch would be forced to deny. And because this is not enough for the excitement of the past few days, the probability would be great as well, that he has the VW boss make public further concessions.

The Piëch has indeed done with the sentence, you have agreed to continue our cooperation. And just the other hand, the Patriarch has defended reportedly last Thursday with hands and feet. His critics have since been required, the chairman of the board must apologize to Winterkorn.

Was it now with the power struggle? Certainly not. Winterkorn was injured, Piëch still troubled. “We are committed to the Supervisory Board meeting on May 4 and the general assembly the next day no peace in the company get,” says a VW manager.

In Wolfsburg, the top people dread the meantime before the meeting. “Shareholders are grilling,” says a man Volkswagen. This is one of the few things that are currently pretty sure in the Volkswagen world.


Six manager are in the race to succeed Martin Winterkorn.

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The first candidate: Audi Chairman Rupert Stadler. He performs been very successful VW’s daughter. But he is not the only candidate in the Group.

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opportunities would also Skoda boss Winfried Vahland.

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Last is also expected VW CFO Hans Dieter Pötsch as his successor.

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