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The British and the US financial regulators have fined for the German bank manipulation of interest rates with a sentence of more than 2.5 billion dollars (2.3 billion euros). The US financial regulators ordered the money home to a fine of $ 2,170,000,000

Live from the floor of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

German bank discussed how to proceed

19.18 Clock: In the Deutsche Bank is, in all likelihood, this Friday to decide on the future course. The Supervisory Board of the Frankfurt Dax Group comes together for a special session. According to reports, two main scenarios have been discussed recently: A sale of the Bonn daughter Postbank or separation of the entire retail banking including Postbank. Both Deutsche Bank would help to meet the stringent requirements of Supervisors, for example, in terms of capitalization. On the table are also plans to close its own branches and to cuts in investment banking.

strike at German Bank subsidiary Postbank branch employees want to resign from a job

18.47 Clock: In the labor dispute at the Postbank strikes on Friday expanded into North Rhine-Westphalia. Verdi has called on the workers in 150 Postbank branches for multi-day walkout and expects alone on Friday with 1,500 participants. The work stoppages in the morning to begin with the opening of stores for which there is no single time.

Also, the employees of the Group headquarters in Bonn, where the morning will be held a rally, as well as corporate clients AG in Cologne and Dortmund in the region / food are called for strikes. The walkouts have ended until Monday evening. The actions Verdi wants to give 2020 reprint of the request for a dismissal for around 10 000 people by the year.

Meanwhile, it will be decided at a meeting of the Supervisory Board of Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt on Friday on the strategy of the money home. Possible options are a sale of Postbank or the elimination of the entire private client business.

Good business with smartphone Advertising: increase in turnover on Facebook

18.17 Clock: The business is booming smartphone Advertising on Facebook. In the first quarter, sales of the world’s largest online network in comparison shot up by 42 percent to 3.54 billion dollars. However, high expenses are charged to the profit. With $ 512 million Facebook earning a fifth less than a year ago. The Group’s under a lot of money in other data centers. Overall, the cost was 83 percent higher than a year ago.

The global number of users rose to 1.44 billion in the month, such as Facebook announced after US market close on Wednesday. That was 13 percent more than the previous year and in just the past three months were added around 50 million users. In the meantime, grab 798 million members daily from smartphones and tablets to the service to. Almost three quarters of advertising revenue – 73 percent – were generated on the mobile devices. Facebook had its promotional offers expanded more and more, among the latest ones Videos

worried about European economic burden Dax

17.59 clock. Growing concerns about Europe’s economy have the Dax loaded significantly on Thursday. The German benchmark widened in the early afternoon of the previous day’s losses and fell by 1.32 percent to 11,710.50 points. Up to evening r erholtee minimally until he joined with 11,723.58 points .

Earlier, the purchasing managers’ indices for Germany and France were left behind expectations. This melts the previous week profit together on a small plus.

The MDax the medium values ​​lost almost one percent 21010.64 points , the technology index TecDax closed 0.73 percent lower at 1,654.11 points. For the euro zone benchmark index Euro Stoxx 50 was about 0.8 percent down.

The corporate sentiment in the euro area had deteriorated in April after four consecutive increases. The Purchasing Managers’ Index, a survey of senior executives, fell by 0.5 points to 53.5 points. Bank economists, however, had on average expected a further improvement to 54.4 points. Given the widespread expectation that the very loose monetary policy of the European Central Bank would boost the dismal growth at beginning of orderly, the current slowdown is still a big disappointment, said Chris Williamson, chief economist of the Research Institute Markit.

power lines divide covenant Conservation and Green

16.26 Clock: The planned by the federal government new power lines divide the covenant nature and the countryside. Reason is a closed this week Alliance of BN with the route opponents. In the main motion for the upcoming annual meeting of the Association states: “The covenant nature calls the stop planning and a strategic environmental assessment for new DC highways through Bavaria.”

This annoys Green Party leader Ludwig Hartmann: “We want to get out of nuclear power, out of the dirty coal power and pure in climate-friendly wind and solar power This works in the industrial state of Bavaria with a grid infrastructure..” The BN to make the line capacities in Bavaria “a miscalculation” on. “It is important for a clean and secure energy supply in Bavaria are powerful wind power wires from the windy regions of northern Germany.” But even within the Green it rumbles: The Bayreuth Green District Association leh

More than 2.5 billion dollar fine for German bank

15.47 Clock: British and US financial regulators have fined for the German bank manipulation of interest rates with a sentence of more than 2.5 billion dollars (2.3 billion euros). The US financial regulators ordered the money home to a penalty of 2.17 billion dollars as announced on Thursday. The UK’s Financial demanded $ 340 million, as explained in London. The German bank announced on Wednesday evening, they assume to have to make some 1.5 billion euros for litigation.

The scandal surrounding the manipulation of international interest rates became known in the summer of 2012. On the part of several banks from different countries, there had been irregularities in the setting of reference rates Libor and Euribor. The Libor is the interest rate at which banks lend the City of London money to each other. The Euribor is an interest rate for cash transactions in the currency Euro. These rates are fixed daily by banks, their height is about domestic and consumer loans and other financial products dependent.

Several major banks have already made in connection with the Libor affair penalties. The penalty for the German bank in the UK was a “record fine”, said the Financial Regulator. The reason for this is that the bank had misled the authorities and so the investigation could hinder

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