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Last postponement – Athens gets two more months – Süddeutsche.de

  • Greece gets – unlike previously announced – now yet more time to get reforms on the way
  • The lenders grant. a final time for one to end of June. Actually, Athens would have had to provide an up within a few days.
  • end of the week will Chancellor Merkel will meet with Premier Tsipras in Riga for talks.

From Cerstin Gammelin

Lenders the dramatic indebted Greek state grant the country more time to say goodbye to the promised reform agenda. “The real deadline is June 30,” said a senior EU official in Brussels on Tuesday. On this day, the utility is running out. Until then, unclaimed grants expire. The official said other deadlines will not give it. Athens’ve let pass all appointments -. It producing “unnecessary excitement,” to continually set new

Originally, the government of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras present the reform agenda by the end of April and get through the Athens parliament. In return, the euro countries and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) had agreed to release the still remaining in the second utility funds. This amounted to 7.2 billion euros in loans and gains from trade between the European Central Bank with Greek government bonds and eleven billion euros, dedicated to the rehabilitation of banks. On the April deadline, the lenders do without now. In the Euro Group stated that although the month was not April to the end, it appears, however, “extremely difficult” to provide, within one week, what failed the last two months. The Greek government now know the final period and could “be working from back to front.”

Greece A wisp called Varoufakis

The Greek economy was on the mend. But then the new government and its finance minister came – and it went downhill. Tsipras remembers not surprising, the euro for the Hellenes could be history in a few weeks. Comment

Merkel wants Tsipras for dual-week meeting

Hook the negotiations with Athens in two places. The technical officials of the “Brussels Group”, once known as the troika, were unable to agree with the Greek colleagues to figures and data on economic growth, income and expenses. The lenders the calculations appeared rosy.

In addition, it was not clear whether the government will implement the Tsipras promised by the previous government reforms of the labor market and pensions. The experts had met with no break and hoped to the last to reach an agreement. This Friday, the finance ministers of the euro countries will meet with the heads of the IMF and the European Central Bank in the Latvian capital Riga. Originally, they should examine the reform list of Athens. Now it would take merely “note of the state of things” instead, it said. Immediately before the meeting in Riga however, it will be a meeting at the highest level. The German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Prime Minister Tsipras have agreed a four-on-one meeting at the sidelines of the EU emergency summit in Brussels. Details of the contents were not disclosed. Early Tuesday evening Tsipras also met with the head of the Russian state monopoly Gazprom, Alexei Miller. It was about the planned expansion of a gas pipeline on Greek soil. An agreement has not been signed. “We are continuing our conversations and hope we soon reach agreement on the construction of the pipeline that will have major benefits for Greece,” said Athens Energy Minister after the meeting.

Crisis in Greece Why Grexit is so dangerous

that Greece would be better off without the euro, there are good arguments. Also for the euro zone would have great benefits they could get rid of the trouble spot. But the Grexit would be breaking a taboo – with huge risks. Comment


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